Saturday, April 21, 2012

Visiting Local Coffee Shops - #4 - #7

Peet's Coffee & Tea

This is going to be a lot of pictures
but I don't know how else to show you 
all the wonderful places to sip coffee.

#4 - This is Peet's Coffee & Tea.
We didn't walk but it is walking distance from our cottage.
It would of taken us about 15 minutes.

#5 - Victor's Coffee
We got up Saturday morning and headed to Victor's
It is about a 5 minute stroll.

This little town is all about bicycles.
Even the bike rests are bikes.
Just beyond and across the street is Victor's.

It has a sun porch.
Still a bit cool, this morning to sit outside.

Victor's roasts their own coffee beans.

When Tom saw this cinnamon roll
 he just couldn't resist.

This is a "two-fer"  #6 & #7

These two coffee-shops are right across
 the street from each other.

# 6 - Starbucks Coffee

#7 - Tully's Coffee

This is what it looks like inside Tully's.
We choose Tully's because they stayed open later.
It was Date Night so we wanted to linger.

These coffee shops are about a 15 minute
walking distance from our cottage.

Because you have endured this long post,
my next coffee highlight,
I will be offering a drawing.
Stay tuned!


  1. I love these posts! How FUN to have all those choices around you! You guys also look skinnier every time you post pictures! I say the cinnamon rolls was well deserved!

  2. Please tell Tom to save me a bite next time! Yummy! Wayne and I would have so much fun visiting all the different coffee shops too! I would have to instate a coffee budget!
    Miss you!
    dee dee

  3. Do you have a favorite yet?
    Best coffee?
    Best view?
    Best atmosphere?
    Most funky?

  4. Christine
    I don't even drink coffee, but this sure makes me want to!
    You have so many choices, how do you decide were to go? Toss a coin or rotate?

  5. oh i'm loving it... and wishen' for some quaintness like this aeound here.
    lovin' the sights of that cinnamon bun...looks better then the ones i made on friday

  6. Wow, so many coffee shops so little time! Thanks for the tour of coffee shops. Oh Tom, save me a bite of that bun! It sure looks yummy. Have a great week! Judy

  7. I love where you live, you can walk, you can bike and you can take great pictures of kissing on the sidewalk...your shadows.
    What a wonderful place to peaceful

  8. These are the coolest coffee shops! It is so fun that they are all so close to your cottage! :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. You are so lucky Christine to have so many choices, I am a little jealous, Well maybe a lot. lol Enjoy !! Your town seems like such a wonderful place to live,so quaint. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Paradise, I tell ya. You live in Paradise. I can't imagine having that many coffee shops so close. I also love that you did this for date night.

    My favorite was the first one, Peets I think it was called, It just looked quaint.

    If the drawing is for a trip to the cottage and a stroll to a coffee shop, I'm all in!

  12. Hi sweetness. How 'bout coffee tonight? And while we're at it, we can get another low cal cinnamon, bun. OK! see you later pal.


  13. Girl, you are just having way too much fun! Coffee paradise, for sure!

  14. Can I please move to your town? How very cool having so many coffee shops that are so close to your home. I like how you said it was date night and you wanted to linger. So sweet.

  15. Christine, your posts always make me want to pack up and move to your neighborhood!! Love all the close, walking distance coffee shops! blessings ~ tanna

  16. I thought I had commented on this post, but looking back I didn't. I must be getting senile or something. LOL. I love seeing your little coffee shops. And like the others said where you live looks so quaint. I just love it. Do you have a favorite? Or do you just rotate -- go to the one you feel like on that night. By the way, Joe and I have date nights too. ;)


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