Thursday, April 19, 2012

Construction Mania - #2

Looking back at March 2, 2012
First level

April 17, 2012
Second level is up!
Working on the third.

Off to the right is the first phase.
It is complete at five stories.
They are working on the inside now.

Getting ready to lay the water pipes and a new
fire hydrant right outside our front door.

We haven't been able to park in our driveway
for the past few days.
Very interesting on how this whole process works.
We are the only single family residential home,
on the whole block.
Everyone is so nice to us.

At the end of the day, when it's all quiet,
Tom and I sit on our front porch and
admire their work and all they have accomplished.


  1. Keep your dusting swiffer handy at all times.

    Are these apartments/condos?

  2. Mary,
    It's a 148 unit apartment complex.
    And Yes, we will be touring them before they are rented!

  3. Wow... it must be int'resting to watch all this activity.

  4. Wow! I know you'll miss the openness of the area, but, construction is always interesting to watch. As a kid we were the second house built in our neighborhood - back when people bought individual lots and hired their own builder - so all the houses looked different. We loved the process of building. So many treasures to find on the grounds when we went exploring. In the 1960's we never thought that to be dangerous!


  5. You guys will give the apartment dwellers something to look at and long for....a single family dwelling! Those big trees must help block the view somewhat, eh?
    Living across from nice apartments is better than a lot of things you could live across from.

  6. I love to watch construction! We have watched several homes being built in the neighborhood over the years.

  7. How fun! Have Lulu and Levi been able to watch the "growth" too? When I was babysitting a few years ago I would often find construction that the kids could safely watch! The boys loved it!
    dee dee

  8. Wow...well as a mother of a custom home builder I just love to watch the process...well I always have, even when he was young I took him through homes being built...they go up fast these day

  9. Hope you are enjoying your "quiet" evenings...when all of the dust settles. What a looks like it is moving along quickly.

  10. I've always said that I wanted to live someplace where I could sit on my front porch and see things -- pass the time while watching all the happenings around me. Lucky you! And truly a wonderful attitude you have.

  11. Wow. They seem to be going so fast, Christine. Though I am sure you and Tom are ready for them to be finished.

    "Breathe" is some good advice... for all of us anytime. It is good to have friends who know just when to remind us. ;) blessings ~ tanna


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