Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Off to Work I Go...

I decided to take you along to see where I spend my weekdays from 6:15 AM to 3:00PM.

This is where I work. I work at a high school. I started out volunteering in 1999, when our children started school here. Then got a part time job as an Office Assistant (I copied paper for the staff). After our two children graduated, I applied for my full time job, as the Attendance Secretary. It has been quite an experience.

I have always wanted to be a teacher. It has been a passion of mine to teach since 4th grade. Now, I teach but it's in my office. And this is my office.

I didn't clean it up for you. I just wanted you to see it in the "natural" state. I look out a window that the students walk up and get permission to either go to class or to leave school. I usually have two T.A's who help me.

Our school is very big. It has almost 2,000 students. My job is to know where each one is. They are either in class or not. Sounds easy but it's very grueling. By the end of the day I have received 150 calls and seen about 200 students, for a variety reason.

This is what I look out on. The girls were very shy.

I don't have an outside window but I do have a tree. Yes, we have trees up and down the inside of our hall way.

I love my job. Actually, it's not the job, it's the students and the staff. The students keep me young at heart. And the staff is like family. We all support each other. On any give night you can see a sporting event, listen to a concert or watch a play. In the audience is a handful of staff members cheering the students on.

This weekend I will be at our school's theater watching one of my T.A's preform in a play. Tonight, my husband and I will take our regular seats in the gym and watch a basketball game.

Then after the rah, rah, rah, my husband promised me ice cream.


If you ever get bored and can't think of what to do, go and support your local high school.
You can't beat the price!

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  1. Cool Christine! I love seeing where people work...and especially seeing pics too!

    Oh, by the answer the question you asked at my blog today, I googled Mr. Brooks to find out that he was a well-known preacher back in the 1800's. Thanks for asking the question!

    Talk to you soon!


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