Thursday, January 15, 2009

Victoria Magizines

Yesterday I said good-by to all of my Victoria Magazines that I have collected for so many years. But I'm not sad. I am pleased and happy. I fell in love with the magazine when it first came out. I was probably one of the first subscriptions. Years went by and I kept them hidden at the top of my closet.
Fast forward to November. My husband and I made a decision to have our pregnant daughter, son-in-law and 21 month old granddaughter, come and live with us because of a job lay off. We needed to make room. I purged so many things but I couldn't just toss or Goodwill these babies.
I have been reading blogs for sometime now and one of my favorites is Deb is wonderfully unique. I knew she would love them as much as I had. So I emailed Deb and she was taken back with the offer. We met yesterday at a park and ride near by my house.
Wow! She is as warm as she comes across in her blog and emails. I felt so excited about meeting her. And she didn't let me down. Cute, warm, excited, happy and so nice. Yes, it was a good decision to give my magazines to her. If you go to her web site you'll see what a great job she did displaying her "new" magazines.
Thanks Deb for taking good care of these babies.


  1. Hi Christine!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today! I'm so glad you've found it encouraging...and, I'm so glad you found a sweet home for your magazines!

  2. My dear friend, I am savoring each and every copy of Victoria that you gave me as I place them on shelves in my office (which still isn't clean, but I just can't wait!). With each sigh of contentment, I breathe a prayer of thanks to you for your generous spirit. Blessings to you!

  3. Christine -- There's another link of kindred. Victoria has been my favourite magazine for years. I have every copy and treasure them still. I'm glad you were able to find someone who would still treasure your copies, as you made room for new and exciting wonders in your life.

    I still enjoy the new Victoria under Phyllis Hoffmann, but not quite as much as when Nancy was editor. Perhaps my tastes and focus has changed, so my new favourite magazine is Claire Murray's La Vie Claire. I absolutely love the gorgeous photos and layouts she's got! Feasts for the eyes on every page.


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