Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gifts for Volunteers

At my job I have different "Mom" Volunteers that come to help me out everyday. Each day two moms come up and file or make phone calls. I value them very much. I also enjoy the time we spend together, as we work. And I have gotten to know them very well. We laugh, we cry, we talk and we work. I try to give these volunteers a special Thank You, at least twice a year. Once at Thanksgiving and the other time is Mother's day.
This year I didn't give them the usual Starbucks card at Thanksgiving. Money has been tight and with all that was going on in my life at that time, I didn't get around to it. So, for Christmas I made candy but the snow closed the school, so candy stayed with me.
Now it's Valentine's Day and I got this idea last night while I drifted off to sleep.
Nothing says Spring like Primroses!
Fred Meyer has Primroses for 97 cents. I needed 10.
At the Dollar Store I bought white lunch bags, 50 for $1.00.
The ribbon I bought for $2.99 and $2.00 for three huge rolls. Love the apple green!
I also bought those boxes of heart candy, 4 for $1.00.
My calculation is, each gift comes to about $1.99. A lot better then the $10.00 coffee cards!
I couldn't do my job very well without Volunteers.
No matter where you volunteer, I want to thank you. Your time and service is much appreciated. And if you have time, go to your local school and get put on the volunteer list. You never know who's life you might change.

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  1. Christine, when you talk about primroses, I'm reminded of Cynthia's Annual Primrose Tea in Jan Karon's Mitford books. Have you read them? Do you like them? Jan Karon is one of my favourites!


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