Friday, April 3, 2009

New Project - Tea Lights

It's Spring Break for me and I already have started the projects.

I was asked to come up with decorations and help set a mood for an upcoming Wellness Class. They want dim lights, candles, herbs and soft music. But we couldn't use real candles so I went and got these battery operated tea lights. But how do you dress up them?
I came across a web site and it had step by step instructions. They were so easy!

Cut some thin cardboard for the tube, the size of the tea light. The tape it closed.

Wrap string or thread around and around the tube. I bought this spool at the thrift store and use it for everything from trying up my flowers to, well, now this project.

Soak the string with stiffing product. I used starch.

Put into the microwave for several minutes. I cooked it for two minutes on high. It came out dry!

Slip the string off the tube without damaging the string form.

Now you are set to decorate the outside or leave it plain.
I plan on adding something to go with our theme. But you could do just about anything.
This project was so easy and cheap! I didn't buy a thing. I used recycled and thrift items. And it took longer to post this, then it did to make the tea light luminary.
Spring Break is going to be so much fun!

Update: I am now using empty toliet paper tubes instead of making my own tubes - faster!

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  1. What a great project! I am definitely going to try this! Thanks for the info!


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