Monday, April 13, 2009

Our "Daycation"

You've heard of a Staycation or how about a Daycation? Well, Tom & I went on a Daycation. Spring Break was coming to an end and we had worked hard at home. So we decided to go and do something for just the two of us on Saturday.

Our destination was Snoqualmie Falls, about thirty miles east of where we live. Before we got to the Falls, we had lunch in Fall City. The Cherry trees were so beautiful.

At the Falls, you could hear the roar of the falling water all the way from the parking lot. The Falls were absolutely beautiful and powerful.

The weather was overcast and a bit chilly. That didn't stop us from enjoying every minute of the view. This is the Look Out Pavilion.

Afterwards we followed an old railroad train to the city of Snoqualmie. We were so intrigued with this old, rickety train, that we watched all the people get on board and waited until the train took off down the tracks. There was even a small museum with the history of the area, the logging industry and how the old train was used to support the growing city.


Then I tried my hand at playing with my camera by using black and white pictures.

This is the Engineer waiting for everyone to get on board.

This is the Conductor getting ready to yell out,

"All- a- Board".

When the train took off, the steam whistle blew! Just like you would imagine. And the train chugged down the tracks.

We finished our Daycation with more scenic views and more Cherry trees.


  1. My husband and I do day trips all the time. They are so much fun and so much cheaper! It is amazing how many fun things there are to do close to home.

  2. Oh the beauty of the Pacific Northwest! Your daycation looked and sounded so enjoyable. Glad you were able to get away for the day.

  3. What a beautiful day! Beautiful countryside!! Hugs!


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