Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Story of Arthur and Lucy

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Our daughter wanted a dog, after she graduated from high school. Her brother had gone away to college and it was just her at home. I never let our children have a pet when they were growing up. Yes, I can hear you all sighing and shaking your heads. But I didn’t want the responsibly (and head aches). Hey, but we did have a goldfish. That counts doesn’t it? I think it should.

Kimmy looked a short time and found THE dog of her dreams, in a pet store. She knew it was the right puppy because he was being picked on by his cage-mate, the wiener puppy.Kimmy's dad was all for it and helped her out with all the details. In other words, he said, “Yes” to her request for this puppy. The puppy came home and melted our hearts. Kimmy decided to name the puppy King Arthur Fonzarelli, Arthur for short. Kimmy took on the responsibility of caring for him. Things were fine and very going well. My husband, Tom even took Arthur for daily walks, around the neighborhood. He was now part of the family. ~Sigh~

After about a year, Kimmy decided that I needed a dog. What was she thinking? Me? She found just the right puppy from a breeder. “Mom, you have to see this puppy”, she told me. Well, I did go and see this cute female puppy. Her mother looked just like Arthur, only smaller. Wouldn’t that be fun! But, NO.., not another dog!

The next day Kimmy brought home the little puppy. I got a phone call while I was at work. “Mom, I have a surprise for you.” The famous “EEKKKKKK” was heard all around town!
Well, Princess Lucile Ball, Lucy for short, has been with us for about 5 years now.


Kimmy moved out, got married and Arthur stayed with us. Tom still walks Arthur every day. Lucy sits on my lap when ever she can. We each have a dog. Our son and daughter-in-law have two huge, beautiful dogs and a cat. But Kimmy still doesn’t have any pets. Just wait until her children get old enough to ask their mom for a pet.
Do I have a story for them!


  1. Christine, it is perfectly within your rights as a Grandma to provide your grandchildren with a pet - even if their mommy says no. ;0) Payback!!!!

  2. What cute dogs! We didn't have a dog until my daughter graduated from high school. Just like you it was her idea to get a dog and just like you she moved out and the dog stayed!:-) That was 4 years ago and I will have to admit that I like the little guy. Have a great day!

  3. That's a cute story... and a cute dog. I still miss our beautiful collie, Princess. We got her when our daughter was three. Princess was almost 13 when we had to say goodbye in 2005. I said no more after that one. It's hard to love something that much, but they sure add a lot to your life. For now, we babysit (dogsit) occasionally for same daughter, who is 22 and gone from home.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. That was generous of you.

  4. I cannot believe you deprived yourself for so long! And now you can't imagine life without those dogs. My Aussie Beau is such a wonderful companion for me. I am his universe ;)
    And now is the hardest part. We've had 5 pets in our married life all their lives. It was hard at the end, and to ease the pain....I always get another. There are so many dogs in the world needing homes and I need a dog. We take Beau on vacations with us; it's easier than boarding. We can't have fun knowing he is miserable without us. Yes, Christine...out dog owns us! And we don't mind.:D


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