Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Review - (over half way through)

Read a book:

Dancing With Rose: Finding Life in the Land of Alzheimer's

by Lauren Kessler

This book was funny, educational and heart warming. The author let you in on her thoughts about the relationship with her mother and how her death effected her.

Lauren Kessler went to work in an Alzheimer's Care Facility, to learn more for an article she was about to write. It sounds sad but it really isn't.

My own Dad died 4 years and he had dementia . I could relate to all the emotions involved and I also learned more about this disease. Just like Lauren Kessler did.

Worked in my garden:

Roses that I just cut this morning!

Played with Kids and Dogs:

Lots of overnights

Spent A Lot of Time with Hubby:

Walking the dogs in down Kirkland

I'm enjoying my summer vacation. Looking forward to a lot of events coming up. This weekend, family is coming in from all over, (New York, Montana) for the wedding that I will be Officiating. We will be having overnight guests. Sunday, I'm preparing a breakfast for everyone.

Last night, our son-in-law installed a car seat in my car. This way I can pick up and deliver our granddaughter. Our daughter is getting bigger and bigger and finding it difficult to drive with the steering wheel always in the way. I "officially" go on Doula alert Aug. 5th, but I still have my cell phone handy and my watch with the second hand!

The Back to School Retreat on August 18th. I am the M.C., but I am also in charge of the table decorations. I will show you the decorations later.

Summer in review...I'm enjoying it very much!



When hand washing items other than silk, add a cupful of white vinegar to the next to the last rinse. The vinegar removes any soap or detergent residue in the water or on the fabric.


  1. Sounds like fun everywhere you turn! Hope you continue to have a wonderful summer!

  2. You know mother, Aug 18th is a busy day for you....I sure hope I don't go into labor that day. I love you and thanks for all you help with buying groceries, doing dishes and keeping little miss company. I love you!

    Love your Daughter

  3. What a very full summer you are having. Enjoy!

  4. I want to thank you for your kind words about my book. --Lauren

  5. Looks like you are one busy girl, but in a good way. I am excited to read your book review. It might have to go on my summer reading list! :)

  6. Thanks, Christine, for stopping by my blog and leaving me some "mail." I agree, comments DO seem like mail :) The book you're reading sounds really good. I'll bet it's especially meaningful considering your dad's situation. Thanks for sharing about it.

    And your garden? Beautiful.

  7. I do love flowers. Your roses are beautiful!

    I had my resume created today and will be sending that with an application next time I leave the house.

    I've only seen one job I think I would like, but I've applied for others just to get the practice and interview practice hopefully and I may need to take any job I can get the way things are.

    Have a fun weekend. I hope the wedding is so much fun. Can't wait to hear about the new baby that is coming.

    Until next time

  8. I couldn't find a place to leave a comment on your more recent posts! But I wanted to say the book sounds really good! And the roses are wonderful!

  9. I need to learn how to trim his claws or get him out in the car more so he isn't so traumatized.

    He's fine and dandy today. It's just kinda hot for him I think. We put him on our bed with the AC going and he stayed there so I guess all is well.

    Take carae

  10. You must be busy or gone. Are you at the school secretary conference this week? Or did baby come early? Oh, it was the wedding and a house full of guests...

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've been busy doing all kinds of things and haven't been home to read posts or make comments.

    I enjoy time with my mom & sis as you saw in our pictures. I'm sure glad I finally grew up and found Jesus. It took me 30 years. I'm glad my family is still around for me to enjoy as a christian.

    Take care,


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