Monday, January 18, 2010

Cupcake Day

Today my daughter, grandchildren, and I went to the BIG city of Seattle,
to the top of Queen Anne Hill.

Kimmy has been making hair bows for Lulu and has also marketed them in several boutiques. Today, Kimmy dropped off an order of hair bows at a cupcake store that is run and operated by her cousin. Cousin Lisa's store, Wink, is at the top of Queen Anne Hill.

They sell all kinds of cupcakes, plus items that go on top of cupcakes, look like cupcakes, or shaped like cupcakes. Kimmy made the cutest hair clips, that have cupcakes on them!
Just around the corner is a preschool and when school is out, the moms take the kids for cupcakes! We didn't have a cupcake today because Wink is closed on Mondays.
Here are a few pictures I took at Wink, but you can go to their web site, here.
Kimmy, Lulu and Lisa looking at the hair bows
One of Kimmy's cupcake hair bows - blurry
Lulu, Le (me), Levi and Lisa
The baker hard at work.
The shelves where the items are for sale
The front counter
(Hey! We want a cupcake!)
After our visit to Wink......
We went to Starbucks at Carillon Point, my favorite place around!
Wink didn't have cupcakes today, so...
I made cupcakes for a party tonight.

If you take out all the ingredients at the beginning of a cooking project and put them a way as used, the cleanup is easier and there's no doubt whether or not you have used an ingredient.


  1. Wink looks like a very cool place. A friend of mine was talking about starting a cupcake business last fall. So far she's still working and thinking about it.

    Looks like you had fun today. It's back to work tomorrow.

    take care,

  2. I love cupcakes. Didn't even know about the store. Wish I'd stopped there last summer on our vacation in Seattle.

  3.!! Those kids are precious. Isn't being a grandmother awesome!

  4. I made a batch of cupcakes last night. Sadly, I've eaten way too many.

  5. WINK looks like such a very sweet place! It's a good thing they're not out here in the east! Those cupcakes look irresistible! :)
    Kimmy's cupcake hairbows are adorable. I hope, for her, that they sell out in no time!
    Your cupcakes look FAB too! YUM!

  6. What a perfectly lovely day! Love the cupcake store... very cute! Thanks for sharing your day with us!... Dee Dee
    Tell your daughter, the bows are very sweet!

  7. Yum... I could eat one right now...or two!

  8. We had a lot of fun! Thanks for spending the morning with us. Lulu and Levi took really good naps today....Grandma wore them out.
    Love Kimmy

  9. Fun!! That looks like such a "sweet place".

    I love the cupcakes hair bows!!! You're cupcakes look so yummy too.

  10. What cute hair bows! Oh, and what yummy looking cupcakes....wish I was there to have a taste!

  11. Wish I were there to taste those lovely cupcakes. Many years ago (30?) we had a party and someone left behind a large white serving plate. We were never able to find out whom it belongs to. It is the exact one that your cupcakes are displayed on. You and I have a "matched set".

    The hair bows are too cute.

  12. Now don't those look yummy! Amazing how cupcakes have made such a sweeping -- and elegant -- comeback. I always enjoyed cupcakes as a youngster, but ours were never quite so 'inspired'. Bet they tasted just as good, though.


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