Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday Week!

"It's somebody's birthday I wonder for who...

It's somebody's birthday that's right in this room...

So look all around you for somebody who, is laughing and smiling...

My goodness it's YOU!"

This is the song we sing on every birthday.
It's been a family tradition, started when I was very young.
Kimmy and her little family are coming over for dinner, Monday evening, to celebrate her birthday.
So, I set the table just for her!
No cake.
We will enjoy a special dessert with Kimmy. She took the challenge, along with me, to give up sugar for a full year!

Professionally decorated cakes always seem to have a molten, silky look. To get that same appearance in your homemade cakes, frost the sides and top of the cake and smooth out with a spatula as usual. Use a hair dryer to "blow-dry" the frosted surfaces of the cake. The slight melting of the frosting gives it that smooth, lustrous appearance.


  1. Christine,
    What a sweet Birthday song!
    You have set such a beautiful table for Kimmy's Birthday! Enjoy the celebration!
    I am so proud of both of you for doing so wonderfully on your sugar challenge! God has blessed you with some excellent will power!
    Dee Dee

  2. Hey Christine!
    Don't you just love family traditions? There's just something about how little songs you've heard all your life are so special. My mother in law got ZOOM tapes for all her grandkids. "My name is Zoom and I live on the moon and I came down to earth just to sing you this tune! Hey _____ it's your birthday TODAY!" You should hear all the grown cousins singing all the verses, by heart!

    What a pretty and festive table! I love the tulips, your dishes, the lace tablecloth on top of the pink, and the bunnies...just springtime delightful!

    I wish you continued success on your no sugar challenge. That is quite an undertaking! Was it your new year's resolution?
    Keep up the good work! :)

    Happy Birthday, Kimmy!


  3. Christine, your table is so beautiful... and reflects so much care and love. Makes my heart warm and happy. =) Happy, Happy Birthday to Kimmie! And, WOW, congratulations to the both of you for continuing your no sugar resolve! Amazing.

  4. Still being sweet without the cake...good for you!!

    Looks so pretty.

  5. What a pretty table setting! Love the song also.

  6. You set a beautiful table for Kimmy's birthday. Tell he Happy Birthday from me :-)

  7. Beautiful table. Love the cake decor tidbit.

  8. THanks for the cake tip!!
    Hope you have a wonderful family celebration!!

  9. Thank you Mother!! What a nice surprise. This table reminds me of my brithday parties growing up......they were always so pretty. See you tonight, I'm so excited to see what you have planned for dessert! Love you!

  10. Happy Birthday, Kimberly! Christine..make sure you post the sugar free dessert! We're all curious now! ;)

  11. So . . . I am curious what the non-sugar special dessert will be? What a lovley table setting for a special birthday.

  12. What, you are giving up sugar for one whole year!?! Congrats...and keep us posted! I'd love to hear how it's going.

    Your birthday table is beautiful. Your daughter will be thrilled and honored I'm sure. I love birthday song, so sweet and special.

  13. What a pretty table. Makes me want to sit right down and take part in the festivities. Happy B-day to Kimmy. And...thanks so much for sharing the tidbit on how to get the perfect frosting look. I've always wondered about that--can't wait to try it!

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