Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doughnuts or Donuts????

This week we (the "office ladies"), are thanking a gentleman at my school, by making him special treats. He is always bringing in goodies to share with us.

Smiles and kind words, he never runs out of.
Everyone loves Don, our security guy!

Tomorrow is my day to deliver goodies.
Homemade doughnuts!

I borrowed the pans and recipe from my daughter, Kimmy.

( mistakes for Tom)

Then I got to thinking is it doughnuts or donuts?

Do you ever start out looking for something and ending up with something totally different?
Did you know there is a Doughnut Day? Oh yea... first Friday in June!
And I got my answer... both spellings are correct. Go figure.

Well, here's to Donut (Doughnut) Don.


Baking Powder:
If you're afraid it's "dead," test by putting 1 teaspoon into a cup of hot water. If it fizzes actively, use it. If not, buy a new box.


  1. Are those baked donuts? Not fried? Wow, they actually look good, although I can't eat donuts. I think it's the oil they are cooked in. They give me a stomach ache. If those are a baked, I'm IN. Heading off to Kimmys.

  2. Those look great! We will have to make some for Donut Day, and of course give them away seeing as though we can't eat them....yet!

  3. Yum! Love homemade doughnuts! OK...are you still sugar free? You need to post some time on any health changes...good or bad that you are feeling. I'l love to know....having the huge sweet tooth that I do!

  4. I'm not really sure how you have the will power to bake something so yummy and then not partake! Have I told you this week that I'm proud of you and Kimmy!
    Dee Dee

  5. WOW, I've never even thought about baking my own doughnuts/donuts! They look SO delicious!
    Lucky Don!

  6. Those look so wonderful. I prefer to call them dundos -- don't know why, but I always have. They look so marvelous!

  7. Yummy....I sure is nice to be able to do something in return. Have a great day...Jude

  8. Remember my faschnut post?? yeah. same dilemma with the spelling and was there really a differance?

    I love the fact that in reality there are two donut days. (smile) So, are you really going to eat one??

  9. Well, to report to you all, I haven't had any sugar (goodies) since January !st. Neither has my daughter Kimmy.
    I probably will do a post on this in the future.
    No, didn't taste the doughnuts!

  10. You are so thoughtful to treat Don to these special delights. Five days of surprises - bet he loved it . . .

  11. He's gonna love those donuts! They look absolutely delish!

  12. Christine you are an Ironwoman!!! The first thing I though when I read your post is, "how in the world can anyone make those delicious looking things and not have any?" You amaze me! Cheers and a woo hoo for your discipline!! You are awesome to make such a wonderful treat for someone else while you resist yourself.

  13. Wow! No sugar for that long?!

    LIke the little baking powder tip.

  14. Homemade donuts and a pan to make them in. What a great idea! I am going to visit Kimmy's blog to see more. And, just a few weeks ago, when I was baking some bread, I wondered if my baking soda was still fresh enough to use. Now, thanks to you, I know how to test it. I like your tidbits as much as your blog:) Thank you.

  15. Oooh... those look delicious. Too bad I'm giving up sugar for a few weeks. :(

  16. Thanks for dropping by Lazy Bee Farm for a visit!

    And, I am soooo glad you did! I have been looking and looking for baked donuts / doughnuts. Now, living in the state where Krispie Kreme was "invented", you'd think I wouldn't want baked, but I do! I don't like all the grease in fried!

    I can't wait to try this recipe out!

    Take care,


  17. How sweet of you all to share with Don who shares with you. Bless your heart for making donuts from scratch. And baked no less, wow!

    Our school cop only comes to get treats from the teachers lounge. I should ask him when he's going to treat us, LOL!

    Birthdays do get strung out over a week to a month sometimes which is all the more fun.

    Have great week,

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