Monday, April 12, 2010

Merry Christmas - Part 2

Our hotel room was magical! The beds were storybook gorgeous.
Each room was decorated in a whimsical style.

Who could resist a moment or two on this bed?

Our room was huge and the kid's had rooms that were close by.
Our room was the hang out... we had food!

Later in the afternoon, Todd & Stephanie took Tom and I
to the Classical Chinese Garden.

In the middle of downtown is this tranquil retreat.

My new hat.

We sipped tea in the Tea House.
Each of us ordered a different kind of tea,
served in different tea pots and cups.

We were serenaded with tradition string music.

In the late afternoon,
we all gathered in the Hotel Lobby at 4:00 PM
for refreshments and...


Friday evening Todd, Stephanie, Tom and I
headed for some night life.
It was a short night. I was tired!

The next morning,
we had a knock on our door and was entertained by Lulu.

This is the Portland Saturday Market.
We couldn't miss this!

So many booths and not enough time!

Who had fun?
One last picture in the Lobby before they head home.
Tom and I were staying one more night.

Saying good-by is always hard to do.

One last good-by before the kids head to the train depot to board the 12:15 train.

The Lobby looks so different and quiet without our family.

to be continued...

to see more pictures visit Kimmy's blog


Combating Dry Hotel Air - In cold and dry climates, like the prairie provinces or states - Canada and USA, air in hotel rooms becomes very dry. This creates static electricity and difficult sleep due to dry nose and mouth passages. Before going to bed, I sprinkle an ice-bucket of water around the carpet in areas where I am not likely to walk if I rise during the night. By morning, the carpet is dry, but the air is moist and much more comfortable.


  1. Awww, so much fun. Your family is beautiful.

  2. That just looks like the most fun adventure! Your family is so precious and I can just feel the love! The hotel looks like a fantasy-land!

  3. Christine,
    I'm truly enjoying my trip to Seattle!
    I asked Kimmy if you could adopt me?
    I love the hotel! Where ever did you find such a fun place to stay? I'm so glad you shared your Christmas gift with us!
    Dee Dee

  4. These family moments are priceless. Thanks for sharing.
    . . . and by the way, every picture of LuLu makes me laugh out loud. I'd love to borrow her!


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