Monday, January 31, 2011

It's My Turn...

This week I am doing my civil duty.
This is my first time serving as a juror and I'm taking it seriously.
I have wanted to be on a jury ever since I started voting.
So this is exciting for me.

 Jury duty is as important to citizenship as voting  -  maybe more so.  Certainly, a citizen has more influence and power when serving as a juror than as a voter.
It is in the jury room that citizens get to actually influence the system to work toward Americans' highest commonly held political values . . .    the values we pledge to when we pledge allegiance to the flag of the of the United States of America, and the Republic to which it stands:

Liberty and Justice for All

I plan on riding the bus to downtown Seattle.
 It's about a 30 minute commute during the morning rush hour.
Which will be another exciting thing.
Never have taken the bus to Seattle.

So, what do I bring with me?
Walk Shoes
and I won't leave home without Him.

Norman Rockwell, Jury Room


 An effective juror must:
 (1) Be honest, forthcoming, and genuine;
 (2) Listen attentively and take good notes;
 (3) Ask questions if you do not understand; and
 (4) Listen to all the evidence prior to forming any conclusions about the case.

Some helpful hints:
(1) Speak loud enough for your fellow jurors to hear:
(2) No two jurors should talk at the same time. One juror should defer to the other when both want to speak;
(3)Don't be afraid to change your opinion, nor should you be afraid to hold fast your position;

Of course, these are general guidelines and you should always follow the rules of your specific jurisdiction, which will be explained to you by the judges and attorneys in your specific case.


  1. christine,
    wow... Wayne has sat on several jury's. my number has only come up once and because of timing I was unable to take part. I believe that my nephew was going in for open heart surgery and I was needed helping mom care for my sister's other little ones! Since you are looking forward to this experience... I wish you well! Thank goodness you have Him to go with you! The whole idea of holding someone's future in my hands makes me slightly nervous! Sending you well wishes, prayers and hugs...
    Dee Dee

  2. I know you will be a good juror, Christine. May God bless and keep you.

  3. Good luck, Christine. When I lived in Dallas I used my exemptions because my kids were young. But here in 'the country' (ha) I am just a few blocks from the county court house. If it wasn't snowing I could walk there and back. I've only been called twice. The first time I wasn't chosen (which vexed me greatly) and the second time I took my exemption because we'd paid a non-refundable deposit for a vacation. One of these days...

    "No two jurors should talk at the same time. One juror should defer to the other when both want to speak;" soooo, which one of us will defer? :D
    Hope all goes well and you get something really interesting!

  4. Happy Jury Duty! I have never been on a jury either. Hope it is a great experience for you!

  5. I know that people complain about jury duty, but I think it’s a real learning experience. You feel kind of privileged to be on the inside track and jurors are treated with the utmost respect! I can’t say that I enjoy waiting (who does?) but when I’ve gone, I’ve taken a good book. Definitely take a book!  I’ve been called four times but only had to serve twice, and both times I was chosen as the foreman! The first time I was just a kid in my twenties and I was a nervous wreck! Last time I was much less anxious. I believe you’re given a lunch break, so you might want to pack a lunch. Because we were deliberating during the lunch hour the court had subs and sodas delivered to us.
    I hope it will be a good experience for you, my friend. Let us know how it goes!

  6. How did it go? Proud of you... I "hate" it (long story that has influenced that idea)...but my hubby loves it - just like you.

    How are you?? miss ya...

  7. I love Jury Duty. It's truly a eye opening experience as a day in the life as your civic duty.

    Take care, Viola

  8. Last time Jim had jury duty he took the bus to the city. He was excused by 11a.m. but the next bus back to B-port wasn't until 4p.m. He went to the food court and a security guard told him if he was going to sit there he had to purchase somethine. He must have looked homeless!

    Last time I had jury duty I had to tell the lawyer where I worked (and where my husband worked?), all in front of the rape suspect. Not exactly anonymous.

  9. Thanks for the encouragement in is a privileged...and I have never served, so I hope I will one day


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