Monday, January 17, 2011

The Retirement of the Garbage Can

 This has been our kitchen garbage can for so many years!
 Because we are "Empty Nester's" we don't need a
kitchen garbage can that holds a lot.

Then I spotted this beauty.
 My sister-in-law has one of these and loves it.

 Easy to install.
A sit down job.
Right up Tom's alley!

Only a screwdriver to install!
No Gorilla glue needed.
(Tom is band from using Gorilla Glue)
 Our old garbage can went to the dogs.
No, really!
It's where we now keep our dog food.



Stuff You Don't Want Anymore
You'd be surprised what other people can find uses for if they don't have to pay for it - you can give away almost anything, working or not, via free online listing sites such as criagslist, freecycle, FreeUse, and FreeSharing. If you live in a large enough city, you may also have a lot of success simply by labeling a pile of stuff on your curb with a free sign - just make sure you only do this during good weather and not on garbage day.


  1. What a great idea! Glad to hear that it only requires one tool and not a dozen trips to the local hardware store. Have a great day. Jude

  2. Ooooooohhhhh -- I love it. I want one of those. I dislike looking at our trash can. Yes -- this would make me happy.

  3. Oh how very nice! We're still in the big trash can phase. In fact, I empty the big one a couple of times a day! LOL! With 5 men, it's inevitable! ha. I'm not sure we'll every be empty nesters, but I like your dog food storage idea!

  4. Empty nesting is a good thing. Takes awhile to get used to but a good thing.

  5. Doesn't really sound like retirement for the garbage can! I think it sounds more like a promotion! :)haha!

  6. Great re-purposing of the old trash can!! =)

  7. Girl, do you have issues with your husband over 'gorilla glue' too? I really like the hidden trash bin under the counter!

  8. Our kitchen trashcan is also hidden away. I like it that way!

  9. Christine,
    Tell Tom great job! We have a slide out drawer for a garbage can, and I'm already wondering where I'm going to put garbage in the new house until we redo the kitchen. Hopefully someplace away from the dogs! Guess I'll have to put a garbage can on my growing to buy list! My next task is to rid the garage of the old counter top... thanks for the great tip of the day! On the curb with a free sign was where the huge plaid couch in the cottage went on the first none snowy day... it was gone with-in the hour! Have a great day!
    Dee Dee

  10. My friends find some of the best finds on the side of the road, marked "free". Great tip! As for the garbage container...I like the hidden one. I also liked the smile regarding Gorilla Glue:) And yes, I am even getting used to the empty nest.


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