Monday, February 21, 2011

Toy Storage Plus a Whole Lot More

I had been looking for something to hold toys
and a place for guests to put their purses or packs.

Hey look, it's a sale!
Come on Tom.
Let's go shopping.

Lot's of furniture. 
But I'm looking for that
something special.
Not to big or small.
And not expensive!

Look Tom!
Right over there.

 It's the right size.
I think this is what I'm looking for.
Let's measure it again.

Twenty Bucks!...
but wait, it's half-price day.
Ten dollars and it is all mine.

 I took off the two broken, bottom doors and added
two "toy" baskets.

 On top, Tom has a bowl for his  junk wallet and keys, etc.
And there is even room for a purse or backpack.
But look at the storage for all those toys.




Storage Tip:

By eliminating clutter and keeping your home organized, you will be able to find what you need in a hurry. In addition, it will help you stay on top of your inventory. Always store only clean clothing in your closet. Seasonal clothing should be put away clean and stored in cloth or canvas bags so fabrics can breathe. If you don't have clothing bags, pin seasonal items up inside old sheets to protect clothing from dust and insects. With proper organization, things will be easier to find and better maintained.


  1. That's great. You found just the perfect thing.

    I love when that happens.

  2. You found the perfect piece!! I love the baskets for the toys. They look great and it will be easy for the kiddos to get to their toys....great idea! I can't believe the price. You and Tom make a good shopping team.

  3. I have really come to enjoy thrift stores and such. Great prices and I like the look of 'gently used' pieces or things I can paint. I recently got some things at Goodwill. I think I'll do a post on them now that you inspired me!

  4. And one more thing! Your idea of removing the doors and putting in baskets is a really great tip!

  5. Hi sweetness. Darn good value. I love all this stuff. Hey Jane, it's not that Chris and I make a good shopping team, it's that I can't be left alone at home as I cause certain types of mishchief. Plus all the laundry, dishes, vacuuming,windows, cooking, and yard boy. I love being married.

  6. Wonderful! Love the basket idea! You are so clever!

    I need to go to the thrift store! It's just so much fun!

  7. That was a PERFECT find, Christine!! Love it! Like that those toys are easily accessible for the kiddos, too!

  8. Nice!! And ten bucks!! Can't beat that for a such a big piece of furniture!! What a great idea with the baskets. Very chic!! :)
    I love Saint Vincent de Paul. When I lived in Lowell we had one right down the street and a huge one in Lawrence a short drive away. :)
    Great job!! I love the "junk" bowl, too. :)
    Enjoy your vacation week! :)
    Oh, and yes, K does know that Blake is coming...he emailed us from oversees. Woulda been a great surprise...but it's all good. :)

  9. I love it! Look at all of that storage you have now. Great piece and it looks good in your house.

  10. Well Christine,
    I love thrift shops and even better I love a good sale at a thrift shop! Great find on your new toy storage! The addition of the baskets.... perfect!
    Dee Dee

  11. S*w*e*e*t! Looks like that spot was made for such a piece! Great idea to add the baskets. Don'tcha just love a bargain? :) Looks FAB!
    Hope you're enjoying school vacation week!

  12. Loved your idea about the doors and baskets!!

  13. You are right, it is perfect! I would have been so excited to have found that piece and for that price. Good choice!


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