Saturday, June 25, 2011

 Tom and I helped celebrate the opening
of the new Jack Block, public park today.

Yes, we were quite adventurous.

 This beach had been polluted and
people were banded from it's shores.

It took twenty years to clean up this beach.
 Today, it's beautiful and ready for
summer pleasures, of all kinds.

 They even handed out free coffee.
Well, this is Seattle!

 On the way over to West Seattle, we came upon this,
while driving across the floating bridge.

These are runners in the Rock'n' Roll Marathon.
Check out the video on this site.
 It's quiet a moving story.


  1. Christine, you and Tom do some of the most fun kind of things!! Kudos to all who were a part of saving that part of the beach!!

    Love your new header (again!). and, I miss doing marathons... {sigh}

    have a great week! blessings ~ tanna

  2. 20 is amazing. It looks great now! You guys look hilarious in that peep board. :)

  3. Hi Christine-I'm a new blogger and new follower of yours.
    My brother and his family live in Tacoma. I visited often when I was a teenager. Many, many moons ago!
    Please stop by my blog and say "hi".

  4. Twenty years is a long time, but I am sure it was a rewarding project. I think the peep picture is perfect! Another fun visit to your creative blog.

  5. I think those kayaks were calling your name. Were you tempted??

  6. Now, that is the perfect thing to help celebrate! Now if it would only warm up for you all a bit! I saw on Kimmy's blog that it is still quite cool..... feel free to send some of it this way! Sending you lots of happy thoughts and prayers of blessings!
    Dee Dee

  7. Mary, yes I was very tempted to try one. Tom and I looked into rentals for the summer. Looking forward to that!

  8. I just love your first photo! Wow...20 years is a long time! Everyone must be so excited to have it ready for use! A floating bridge sounds pretty cool!

  9. I have absolutely no clue how I missed this post until now! You had me with the first photo. I loved it!

    Twenty years...

    When I think of that, it boggles the mind. I love the fruit of all the labor.


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