Friday, September 16, 2011

Flower Delivery

 This is the "Children's Garden" just outside the kitchen window.
It's were the birds congregate,
 tomatoes are picked by little fingers.
I grow pink Dahlias for a little girl,
who's favorite color is

 Today, I delivered a bouquet flowers to Lulu,
 before I went to work.
I cut them really early in the morning.
When everyone was still asleep,
 I drove over and left the flowers on their front porch.
Then I hurried off to work before anyone saw me.
 This is the view from my kitchen window when I got home today.

Look who stretched it's pink head to look at me.
It makes me think of Lulu.


  1. Lulu is sure lucky to have a special grandmother like you!
    That was really sweet, Christine. My maternal grandma's name was Lulu too. She died when my mother was only nine, so I never got to know her.
    Did you name your garden after Robert Louis Stevenson's children book? Just wondering.
    Have a good weekend-Kimberly

  2. You have a lovely back yard, and what kind of flower is that pink peeper? That early morning delivery is so sweet! What lucky little g-children to have a g-ma so close who loves them so much!

  3. Lovely posting.... I like how that dahlia has stretched herself up to peek into your window. Cute!

  4. That dahlia DOES look like it is stretching to say hello to you! I love that you left Lulu a surprise bouquet on her porch! =)

  5. I agree with another comment that it DOES look as if it's peeking in at you. I think your pink picking secret mission was wonderful.

  6. You are just great with have such a green thumb and share the fruit of your labors with those in your parking lot also.
    This pink beauty just seems to want to speak!

  7. Beautiful flower and you are so lucky to have your grands so close by to spoil and love on. Sigh.

  8. That is SO sweet. I want to be a grandma as wonderful as you some day! :)

  9. Lulu LOVES her pink dahlias. So do I!! Your special deliveries are so fun to wake up too. We love you!

  10. Chris, you are the SWEETEST!!! :)
    What a wonderful surprise!! What a beautiful garden. :)

  11. I love it! The children's garden is magical... especially when the beautiful pink dahlia's are big enough to peek in the windows!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. Your post makes me smile! I can only imagine the smile on Lulu face when she saw those beautiful flowers! You are one sweet grandma!

  13. Now that would bring a smile. Simply lovely, Christine. I'm a tad jealous.

  14. What a sweet post Christine, That sweet flower looks as though she is posing just for you,... you gave, and you were given. What a wonderful way to end your day. God Is so great. Dahlias are a favorite of mine!! I do love your view.

  15. Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday today! xo

  16. I wish every little girl could have a grandma as sweet and kind as you. What a fun way to create memories for her and you.

  17. What a sweet thing! Love the idea of the childrens garden. Jackie

  18. Your garden is just like a vacation! How beautiful.... I love the flowers, I bet Lulu and Levi do too! Everything is so green and lush...ahhhhhhhhhhh!
    I agree with Lulu, pink is such a lovely color.


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