Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Unsuspecting Piano Bench

This is Tom's chair.
See Lucy on Tom's chair.
See the footstool she uses to climb onto the chair.
See the Piano Bench?
Very unsuspecting, right?
Open both Piano Bench and Footstool...
and it becomes the Art Center,
at certain times.
It's also the work center when the game is on.


  1. Our furniture! Sometimes the humblest of pieces are the most cherished because of the place they have in our lives. We each have certain little furniture pieces we wouldn't trade or upgrade for anything of grander splendor! To displace your precious little grandchild from her art center - never! And, hubby's workcenter watching the game? Looks a lot like mine in the living room watching I Love Lucy!


  2. Looks like our men are cut from the same game day cloth :) Steve's recliner is well worn and well loved. He gave up Duck season tickets to be home on game day. Can you believe he prefers his chair over a stadium full of Duck fans?

  3. Christine
    I love multi-purpose furniture!
    My piano bench is serving as a boot changing bench right now.
    I like your art center idea a whole lot better though!

  4. Love it, Love it...that is where all my children's things were at their grandmother's house...and they used the piano bench. Now I am thinking when I hear I am going to be a grandmother I will clean out our piano bench.

    Who doesn't love a multi-purpose piece of furniture?

  5. Lucy is quite a serious guard dog watching out the window while Tom "works".
    Is that Diet Ditto in his cup?

  6. What I need around here is a piano bench! Seriously, that would be the best way to store my Bible study pads and pens.

    Going hmmmm....
    Going looking for a piano bench in thrift land.

  7. I wish I had a piano and a piano bench. How clever! I see organization everywhere on these pictures. I like the picture of your Bible laying on the one picture.


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