Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Visit to the new Fire Station

It's Fire Prevention Week
and look what was happening...
a new Fire Station and Open House.


We all went to see the new Fire House.
Fire hats are a must!

We took a tour of the building, inside and out.
Inside those big doors were a few emergency vehicles.
 The children could climb inside all of them and see what it was like.
We also saw the living quarters, TV room, kitchen, laundry and bedrooms. 
Heading home...
what a fun adventure.
I think Levi and Lulu will remember today.
Visit Kimmy's blog, here for more fun.


  1. Christine
    I bet Levi and Lulu will remember this forever. It's such fun to see the delight on your grandchildrens faces. I bet the pancakes weren't too bad either!

  2. How very fun! I especially love the tire shot...and the fact that it is bigger than the kiddos! ha.

  3. Precious!! I love that tire shot the best of all. My husband just walked in the room, and I just have to show it to him.

    That would be what he calls a "toe curling" picture.

  4. Oh, I know they had a wonderful time!! Love those hats!! blessings ~ tanna

  5. Looking at your fabulous photos I wonder how any little boy could NOT want to be a fireman!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. What a great experience for your grands. Sounds like so much fun.

  7. See another one of your awesome hard and play hard.

    Benjamin would just love this also...and of course, the HATS are just the best!!

    Precious, precious..what great memories

  8. Adorable photos!! What a great way to introduce the dept. into the neighborhood and give the kids such a treat.

  9. Caleb had fun at school last week - with all the Fire Prevention 'stuff' going on. He still talkes about Firefighter Chris (one of his buddies in class, whose dad is the firefighter) and his "heavy" helmet that he got to hold. ;)

  10. What a great idea. Looks like the kids had a blast.


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