Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who Needs a Gym? Not Me!

Thirty Five Steps and Three Landings  
I helped my friend move into a new apartment this past week.
 Tuesday, I went up and down 25 times caring clothes and boxes
Wednesday, I went up and down 20 times caring boxes, pictures and lamps.

Today she needed my help to rearrange and hang pictures.
 She is finally in!

 Friday Night High School Football.
After the game, our local Police Department sponsored
an Ice Cream Social, in the school cafeteria.
They do this, so the students have a place to party, responsibly.

This is our school kitchen where I scooped ice cream.
Lots of ice cream.

 This is the ice cream that I scooped.
230 dishes, with two scoops.
There was plenty for everyone.
Candy, cookies, sauces and topped off with whipped cream.

This week I had a great work out.
I mastered the stairs and dug rock, hard ice cream.

Gym? Not  me!


  1. Go Mother! That is too funny.

  2. Not really a fan of stairs - you were a marvel to mount them 25 times - and then the upper body workout scooping! Activity invigorates, ya know?

  3. I do hope you enjoyed one of those beautiful dishes of ice cream for all your hard work!! LOL! You are a wonderful friend, Christine. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Buns of steel with all those steps! But then the ice cream took some of that away! That's cream is too important to say no to. Have a great week.

  5. You are a goooooood friend, Christine! Very good! That I should have friends like you. I'm trying to think if I have any friends ABLE to do that! :D
    Ya live a good life girl!

  6. Such a good soul you are helping friends and students.

    How much of that ice cream did you eat to negate all that hard work or . . .
    are you still not eating sugar?

  7. Tanna, Judy & Mary,
    No ice cream for me that night,


  8. I would say you climbed a mountain on the original stairmaster :) Yeah, up down, up down, I'd say that burned about a bazillion calories not to mention you are going to have the best biscuits!

  9. You could sing over hill and dale with those stairs!

    The ice cream desserts looked pretty yum yum!

  10. You must really be in shape. I could never do all those stairs.

  11. Christine
    You are a marathon woman!
    I need to lose 10 lbs. Now if I can just find a friend who moving where there are 3 flights of stairs, I'll have it made.
    That ice cream social looks like it was yummy. It's a great idea for the students.
    I hope you relaxed a little this weekend!

  12. I bet your calves are feeling that! Go girl!!!

    What a great idea after the game...and you weren't singing my old fight song. LOL

    We are still so new at this school deal that it is all much the same from when I was in high school all those 30 plus years ago and then so much is so different!!!

    Go team!!

  13. Whew!! I think after such a workout for both legs and biceps, you deserved a scoop of the ice cream.

    Wait. Make that two.

  14. This certainly does sound like a real workout! Wow! All those steps and carrying boxes too...good for you!

  15. Wow! christine you are in greatt shape, two trips would have done me in. lol
    I think having the ice cream party for the high school kids is an EXCELLENT idea. I applaud your administrators for this.
    Thank you for visiting me and for your sweet note.
    Enjoy your day.


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