Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tree Huggers?

While out walking today,
I came across these trees in the park.
I did a double take.
Yup, it was real!
Naturally I had to find out more.
 Soon the park will be full of socks on the trees.
Fifty to be exact.

 This is Suzanne, who is responsible for putting the socks on trees.
The town comminisoned her to knit these tree socks,
 to help celebrate the up coming
100th anniversay of the town. 

 It's not the first time Suzanne has shown off her
artistic talents.


  1. Christine,
    These are fantastic! It is such a great form of knitting graffiti, one I've never really seen before! So bright and colorful!
    thanks for sharing.....
    dee dee

  2. Oh, you know I love it!! Kind of like the 'yarn bombing' that I've heard of but not seen. Thank you so much for sharing these colorful sights!! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Christine
    Did Suzanne say how long it takes to knit one tree sock or how much yarn was in just one?
    People's imagination just wow me!

  4. THE most unique and colorful tree decor I think I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing! Wouldn't it be fun to just sneak a few of these on various trees along the roadside? Hmmmmm...... Sweet!

  5. Those are amazing! Very interesting. I wonder if they just get tighter on the trees when they get wet?

  6. How cool is reminds me of something out of Dr. Suess! :)

  7. That is just toooooooo awesome...what a wonderful town. I love it...what talent and what fun! Enjoy, enjoy them...I know they will just delight everyone and bring a smile to their faces.

  8. Hi Christine-
    I just found your blog today... I'm not even sure how... I think I typed in something searching for someone elses blog...but you aren't her..LOL.
    Anyway-- I guess you can say I was sent her by Divine INtervention! I am enjoying reading your blog!

    I'm intrigued with your little *UP house in the city!

    I'm sure I'll be reading more.

    TTFN Pat

  9. This is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen in town celebration. I mean, really, that's such a creative idea.

    I would say it knocked my socks off, but that would be too predictable, right?

  10. I had to come back and look at these tree looks like something from DR.SEUSS or something...very childlike and full of wishes!

  11. What a crazy idea! But, somehow - I really like the artistic look! Not necessarily what they'd have been doing 100 years ago - but festive and fun!


  12. What a fun idea.So colorful for the wintertime.


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