Saturday, May 19, 2012

What's Up?

                                                           New roof !

Fifth and final floor of the new apartment across the street.


and more flowers.
I don't know much about our new garden.
It always a surprise to see what pops out.

Lots of bees.

"Volunteers" from last summer.
These are Marigolds that surrounded my tomatoes and reseed themselves.
Still to cool to plant my tomatoes.
Maybe next weekend.


  1. Oh new roofs around here after the tornadoes...
    Re-seeding...that is just wonderful and so rewarding
    Bees...Benjamin and I studied about bees this week...I am sharing this photo with him
    Have a great weekend

  2. Oh Christine,
    I pray that your new roof goes on swiftly! They finally finished ours up today! I'm so glad to have my house back... poor latte has been in her cage in the basement all week! Can't wait to see you roof all complete! Looks like you are enjoying your new garden! It is so fun to see what pops up each week! I can't believe how fast the apartments have gone up!
    Dee dee

  3. Looks like fun in your little town. Ooops, I planted my tomatoes...hope they don't die.

  4. We had a new roof {tear off- yuk}last summer. Two things amazed me . . .
    how fast it goes up
    how hard they work

  5. We got a new roof a couple of years ago and hope it is a long time before we need another one. Love your flowers. It's nice to be surprised with the new ones popping up! Beautiful!

  6. Woo hoo for the new roof. I don't know why I like new roofs so much, but I do. ;)

    That iris is stunning! I dont't think I have ever seen one that color. Gorgeous. I love getting to see your surprises, too. blessings ~ tanna
    ps so excited to be enjoying your coffee in the morning! yea!

  7. I lived through the installation of a new roof. Next time, I'm leaving for the day. Such banging you never heard.

    I think those surprise gardens are some of the best kind. Keep us posted.

  8. it shows you are enjoying your new place.i am planing to leave our current house.the land lord is really an annoying person.pray for us that we could find a good house somewhere.


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