Saturday, July 14, 2012

Concert and Back Stage Passes!

Linda and Tom holding our passes

 This is a follow-up to yesterday's post.
While sipping coffee yesterday,
 Linda and I met Al Jardine from the Beach Boys!
He gave us passes to his concert that night.

 We scurried around, packed a picnic and
prepared for any kind of weather.

 We had thunder, lighting and of course rain.
Then the sun came out!

 Perfect evening, in every way.

 When the Beach Boys hit the stage and
strummed their guitars,
the beach balls came flying out.
 They played the oldies but goodies and
some from their new album.
This is their 50th Anniversary!

Their traveling buses

After the concert, we were ushered "back stage" to
a building on the grounds

We were some of the fortunate enough to visit
the band memebers after the show and
waited outside.

 Mike Love
 David Marks
(an orginal member of the band)
 Al Jardine

(my rock star)


  1. OH what FUN!!!! You must have had a ball!

    I heard they were celebrating their 50th with a new album. Did you enjoy their new pieces? I always enjoy their oldies.

  2. Christine,
    When I first read the first post yesterday about you out at the coffee shop, I closed out and had to read it again. I was like, Wow, this is way cool. Can't wait to see if there will be pictures. Thank you for sharing from your evening. Looks like alot of fun.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Viola

  3. So cool! What a memory for you guys. Al Jardine looks so nice and friendly.

  4. You sure know where to go for coffee. I'm so glad you went and had such a good time!
    Gee, those guys are pretty old, aren't they. I can remember crawling under the covers at night and listening to them with my single ear plug and transistor radio. :D Guess I'm pretty old too! But I wasn't even a teen then and loved their music. I still do!

  5. How cool is this! When I read yesterday that you got passes, I was hoping they were for backstage too. What a wonderful night for you guys!

  6. I am so jealous, Christine. ~smile~ One of my favorite groups! I am glad you had so much fun! Now how are you going to top this for summer? ~wink~
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Christine
    Wow! That must have been so much fun-especially getting to meet them personaly too.
    I've got to back-read to discover how this ccame about!

  8. That is just so that alone fills up any sand pail
    How much fun!

  9. See, this is just what I mean about loving how you guys "carpe diem" and enjoy all the fun your area has to offer!! Just love it!! blessings ~ tanna
    thank you again... =)

  10. Oh my gracious ... what fun!!! You have such wonderful adventures, Christine. I missed your previous post but can't wait to read it.

  11. It looks like a blast! What fun:) I need to come to that coffe shop and hang out*smile*


  12. Well, now, now fun is that??? My iPod is full of Beach Boys songs. How great! Love the photos, too!

  13. This is so wonderful! I would love to have such an adventure of serendipity!

    It would be even better (for me) if while out having coffee, I ran into someone from oh, say... The Eagles.

    But the Beach Boys are on my short list too.

  14. What a fun and exciting post! I love the Beach Boys and always have. I just feel so honored to have such a famous friend as you:) Do you just find it to be so much fun to have a somewhat ordinary day turn into an extra ordinary one?


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