Saturday, December 22, 2012

Girl or Boy????

Kimmy (our daughter) had an ultra sound yesterday,
to find out the gender of their baby.

Kimmy asked the technician to call me with the results.
Mark and Kimmy didn't want to know until
 they opened "the" box.

Last week I sent them, 
a blue outfit in one box
a pink outfit in the other box.
Tom's job was to decorate the boxes.

Todd, Stephanie and Trey joined Tom and I today,
in the special celebration, 
to announce who will be joining us.

  Two boxes...   

decorated with care.

One full of Pink things.

The other full of Blue things.

Todd, Stephanie, Tom and Trey
We gathered around the computer and Skyped.

 I told them to open box A

It's a  BOY!!

I couldn't be happier!
 (five times over)


  1. I couldn't be happier too! Thank you for making it so special for us.

  2. What a fun way to find out! Love boys! Love those truffles. ha.

  3. How fun to find out the gender of your child. I bet the grandkids were excited too.

  4. Christine
    You are so imaginative!
    And congrat to all of you. I think that's one little boy who's going to have a lot of 'mothering' from his big sisters!

  5. Now THIS is truly wonderful. How fun.
    Christmas has come early for you all.

    May the beauty, peace and joy of the season be yours all year long!

  6. How cute!

    Congrats all around. Enjoy the waiting ... for the real deal.

    Like that header photo idea there too.

  7. Now won't this just even things out nicely - a pair of each.

  8. Tom looks pretty serious decorating with care. Such a fun "partner' he is in your life.

  9. What another awesome Christmas gift...congratulations to all
    Merry Christmas

  10. Congrats Christine! How wonderful..another grandson to love! You are certainly blessed! :)

  11. Now that's what I call a wonderful Christmas gift! dee dee

  12. No doubt, your Christmas was joyful, dear Christine! We too, are expecting a new grandchild (#3) in June. Congratulations to you and yours!

  13. Congratulations to all Christine, a wonderful Christmas surprise, and what a cute idea! Grandchildren are one of the best gifts from God!
    No need for me to ask, as it sure looks like a wonderful Christmas at your home!

  14. Congrats, Christine! I think a boy would be just the greatest thing. We're a family of all girls, who had all girls, and, so far, that tradition is continuing. Girls are marvelous, but a boy would be marvelous, too!

  15. Congratulations to all!!! I love how fun you guys made this, Christine!! Wishing you the warmest and most wonderful 2013!! blessings ~ tanna

  16. I like how you put your heart into everything you do for your family. Congratulations on the little boy you look forward to meeting. He is fortunate to be born into your loving family.


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