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Friemily:  fri-em-i-ly, noun
1. friends who you wish were or are, close like  family
2. one or more adults or children, who act like family, but aren't
3. a group of friends and a group of family, attached to another by affection

We made-up this word to describe our friends from Texas.
Jeff and Shannan were our neighbors.
We did everything together, holidays, birthdays, births and deaths, weekends, weekdays, dinners, etc.
We would plan events but more often
it was spur of the moment, get together's.
Sometimes, we would laugh until tears rolled down our faces.

Then they moved back to Texas, 10 years ago,
right after their son was born.

But this Christmas, they came up for the week.
It was the first time back since they moved away.
We did so many things.

Snowflake Lane

Christmas breakfast

Ferry Boat ride

They loved the rain!
In Texas, they have had a drought.
(Brennan, jumped into every mud puddle he could and loved the moss.)

A tour of Christmas lights.

Visited Woodland Park Zoo.

Got a picture on the Jimmy Hendrix's Rock.

Look out for the bear!

We ate so much Seafood.
This was a dinner with huge crabs.

Brennan thought it could be a hat.

Tom told Brennan he could have
ice cream and popcorn for breakfast.
He loved it!

What is a trip to Seattle without going UP
the Space Needle?

It was a beautiful day.

We went to the Pike Place Market.

This is Starbucks first store.
Huge line!

Brennan contributed gum to the
famous "Gum Wall".

Bought some shrimp and fish.

Spent time with Todd, Stephanie and Trey,
eating a Northwest Seafood Feast.

Spent time together

"W" for Washington
We were the only ones crazy enough to be out in the rain.
They couldn't get enough of the stuff!

Throwing rocks into the water.

Shannan took many pictures
of the gray, rainy day.
She loved it!

Brennan and Lucy became friends.

Saying Good-By is never easy.

Good-by Friemily!
We'll see you real soon.


  1. I love "friemily"! Such a perfect word for those friends who have become our families. Glad you were able to enjoy this special time with some of your friemily!! blessings ~ tanna

  2. I am borrowing this word -- friemily. I have so many friends who are more family to me than my blood relatives. Looks as if both you and they had a wonderful time.

  3. That is a new word for me, and I like it! How blessed to have a friendship that survives time and space. (Texas always has a drought) :(
    That crab looks delicious. Do you treat all your guests to such a good time, food, fellowship and fun? I'm surprised you aren't full up all the time!
    Hugs, Debbie

  4. Friemily has now been added to my vocabulary, Christine. It looks like all had so much fun, thanks for sharing.

  5. How blessed you are. Friendships such as these are scarce. Loved the pics. Looks like you guys were amazing hosts. No surprise there.

    As for the rain, we've had almost solid rain here at the parents' place in SE Texas since Christmas. No drought here.

  6. That is a great word! We also have those friends and we are closer to them than our own siblings. Love all the photos. Crab looks soooooo good. Ice cream and popcorn for breakfast? u r my kind of friend.

  7. Wonderful! I love everything about this post. Looks like you had such a good time! Glad they could come up and spend time with you!

  8. I absolutely love the term FRIEMILY. I want to copy it. We have a couple who has been part of our friemily since both of our families moved to Georgia way back in '74. I've never had a word to describe them. Now, I do.

    It looks like you had a wonderful time with your friemily.

    Gum wall?

  9. I think, along with everyone else... I NEED to borrow this word, too.


    LOVE it.

  10. That is a great word..and doesn't God bind us together in more than just blood..that is great
    It looks like that Texas family had a blast!! This Texan hasn't been to Seattle and you make me want to visit...yes drought, and still in it..the lakes are totally dried up...send the rain this way

    You had a wonderful time...what a true, true blessing!!

  11. Christine,
    You are such a blessing! Looks like fun was had by all. Wayne and I enjoyed our trip to Seattle so much years ago... how I wish I had know you then... I would have so enjoyed the chance to hang with you and Tom! Maybe one day!
    dee dee

  12. What a great word! Looks like you all had a wonderful time, and so much yummy seafood! Have a blessed new year.

  13. My family and I make up words all the time, and this is a great one! Looks like you all had a wonderful visit together.

  14. What a great word! It looks like you had such a fun time with your company! It must have been hard for them to leave:)

  15. What a great new word to learn! I can't wait to share that word with our dear friends.

    Your kitchen table looks so cozy, warm and inviting. The pictures are all so interesting and look like so much fun. They will never forget your gracious hospitality and wonderful adventures.


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