Sunday, May 19, 2013

Walk, Read and Play

This post is about the memories that I made during 
my 12 day stay in Boise.
It's my journal of those memories. 
Something to remind me of the fun I had while there.
I knew I was going to be taking care of plus entertaining 
our three, little grandchildren.
So, I packed a huge bag of craft ideas, one for everyday.
I called these "disposable art projects"
 (throw them away when we were through playing with them)
Some were fun and others were duds.
We didn't care because it's all about the memories!

Here is a list of the crafts:

 5. Chalk Drawing - bought sidewalk chalk at the Dollar Store
 9. Water Guns - on a very hot day, I bought these at the Dollar Store.


Morning Walks
Every morning, we would go for a walk.
(this gave Kimmy and Mark time to shower,eat, feed Silas and get ready for their day)
We explored all sorts of things from bugs to water culverts.
Great time to take it slow, listen to the birds and enjoy the start of our day.
We never left the house without something on our heads!

Cowboy Levi
(official Bug Squishier)


Craft  Projects
I packed enough craft projects for each day.
It was part of our morning routine, after the walks.
Mother's Day, we visited a Street Fair where Lulu
had her face painted.

Pretty Pink Lulu
(official Page Turner and Little Mother)


Playing with our homemade projects.
Well, some of us, found other ways of playing
(Ila May in the toy bin.)

Funny Ila May
Looking through the knot hole
(official Make You Laugh Maker)


We read, read, read and read.
Sometimes alone.
Sometimes together.
After a long, hot walk, quiet time was a welcome activity.


Morning breakfast time included two new routines.

1. Pre-Breakfast: this was some sort of fruit, which would tide them over until, and while, I fixed them a hardy breakfast.

2. One Minute Stories: I am always telling them make-up stories, on the fly. I thought it would be fun to have them tell stories to each other and to me. Only their stories would be short, 'One Minute Stories'. So, while eating breakfast we would go around the table, telling a made-up story. Lulu would time each of us with the big clock on the wall. We would have to stop, right at the one minute mark! This was so much fun. They got more and more creative each day.


Below is our tearful, last Pre-Breakfast ...

before I left for home.


The ride home was beautiful but long.
I had time to think about the days in Boise and how much
I will miss our daily routines.

The top picture is ONE of the mountain ranges, that I crossed through.

The bottom left, is of a car driving down a dusty, dirt road.

The last picture is me crossing the 45th Parallel, 
half way between the Equator and North Pole.


Well, this is the end of this post.
I will be going back soon.
 Only, this time Tom will be with me!
He needs to meet his new grandson 
and catch up with the other three!


  1. Dear Christine, you are the best grandmother! I know I've said it before, but I hope to be half the fun you are when/if I have a grandbaby. I'm loving my role as great-aunt, but you already knew that. :)

    Your grandbabies are so cute!

  2. I know you must miss them terribly. So different from when you lived near each other. But at least you get to see them some of the time. What a nice routine you had for them. Yes, take Tom with you SOON. He needs to meet Silas.

  3. That mountain range is really lovely! wow! They don't have those in Ohio! lol...

    What nice memories...such cute kids and a pretty new baby! I just know they love having you sweet that Lulu is crying at your parting breakfast.

    Now...I want one of those doughnuts! haha.

  4. I'm sure your missing them like crazy already!

  5. Just my luck (not that I believe in luck...) You waited until Thursday when I stepped away from the computer to introduce baby Silas! I am so excited that God brought you there in time! It is indeed a miracle.

    I have read and caught up now, and I am so happy for you and the whole family! He's precious, as are all the kids. I loved how you did those one minute stories. That was one of my favorite parts.

    I'm going to click the link in one of the posts and read Kimmy's birth story.

    Big hug congratulations coming your way and a praise to God for bringing it all about.

  6. Welcome to my space. I look forward to visiting yours often.

  7. What wonderful pictures and it sounds like you had a wonderful visit! You have made memories that none of you will forget. You are very lucky to have so many -- I am very lucky to have my only one just a mile away. Just stopping by from the GRAND Social Linky Party. Hope you get a chance to do the same!

  8. What a great trip. You are so cute in so many ways. I can't wait to see you. Love, Trey.

  9. What a fun time they must have had with you and they are just adorable!!! :)

  10. You are the best......and I am learning from you!! This is just priceless and so valuable to me as a new grandmother.
    Thanks for sharing


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