Monday, December 16, 2013

Lucy's Bed

 Miss Lucy is our dog and
 has had this bed for twelve years.
It is well loved and now all wore out.
Lucy has scratched, scraped and rubbed most of the fake fur off the pillow.
She does this as her method of "nesting" right before she lays down.
I didn't have the heart to toss this ratty, old cushion.

But I had finally had to do something!
So, off to the second-hand store I went.
I found a little, bright, pink, girls jacket.
It's the same sort of fake fur look as her pillow once was.
I zipped up the jacket, slipped the pillow inside,
 flipped it over.
Then I tucked the pink jacket into the sides the bed frame.

Ta Da!

Best of all NO SEWING or CUTTING!


 I think she likes it!


  1. I think she likes it too. How clever! I like no sew, no cutting projects.

  2. Christine, that is so sweet. Funny that you talk about her scratching and scraping her bed to get it just right. Sometimes Beau does the same thing up in the middle of our bed. He pulls and pushes the covers up in a bunch and lays next to them. ??? She looks quite comfy. Guess she likes pink.

  3. What a nifty idea! She looks very happy with it!

  4. I like that-repurposing!
    She looks as snug as a bug in a rug.

  5. I see that your doggie is 'downsized' fit into your cozy cottage. She's sweet and certainly seems quite comfy in her new bed. I like how easy you made this project for yourself. Neat!

  6. How darling and precious is your sweet Miss Lucy! Its not a wonder she loves that bed.

    I hope you are enjoying this holiday season.


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