Friday, May 30, 2014

Art Show, Date Night

 Our pastor told us about an art show
 in a neighboring town.
I have always been fascinated with tiny
 and miniature objects.
So this caught my eye, so to speak.

The 22nd Annual Miniature Show.

Tom and I drove to Parklane Gallery,
 in downtown Kirkland, for our date night.

This street is filled with "one of a like" shops.
So it was a fun, little walked to the gallery,
stopping to window shop along the way.

But once inside the gallery, I was mesmerized.
There were over 300 paintings.
Each painting couldn't be bigger than 5"x 7", framed!
Many of them were even smaller.
All were up for sale, with a minimum price of $150.00

I had some favorites.

If this wasn't already sold,
 I might of bought it!
It's called Silver and Tulips.

Because the paintings were sooooooooo small,
you could use magnifying glasses
 to look up close, to see the brush strokes.
Each wall had magnifying glasses at the corners.
How cute is that?

There were several walls,
 full of these unique and colorful paintings.

I think you had to be there in person to
really appreciate all the fine details.

We were blessed to be able to talked to one of the artists.
She said that she cuts her brushes down,
 in order to paint all the details.
She has brushes with a single strand of hair!

These were paintings that didn't fit the criteria, 
but were on display, in another area.
They were too BIG.

These are the winners!
Aren't they wonderful?
Oh yea, you can't see them.
Trust me, they are all wonderful.


  1. How fun is that? Wow! I would love to browse through there, too.

    Love the bunny on the step!

  2. What a great way to spend "date night". These were beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. How cool! Not something one sees every day.
    I would definitely need the magnifying glass....

  4. Oh I would sooooooooooooo enjoy this! You always have the best time and inspire me to watch for things that are coming to my town. You have started the summer out right!

  5. What a great museum! I love miniature things too so would have really liked to see this. Thanks for the tour!

  6. The artist in me would have loved tagging along with you and Tom! These are stunning! Thank you for sharing you date night with us!
    Dee Dee

  7. I've never seen anything like this. How unique and interesting.

  8. Over from Betsy's and dropped in to say Hi.
    Very nice bunch of people there.
    That was one very interesting visit to the gallery - such a lot to see. Bet yiu could have spent hours there. ~ Eddie

  9. The "Silver and Tulips" is my favorite too! I so enjoy strolling through art shows, and appreciate that you shared your stroll with us.


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