Sunday, July 27, 2014


As part of my theme for this year,
I learned how to quilt, 
by making one!

 My friend Anita, is a professional Quilter.
She showed me dozens, of her handmade,
 beautiful quilts.
Each one was more gorgeous than the next!
(She is also a blogger, Bloomin' Workshop)

Inspiration hit me hard, when I was given some material.

I LEARNED a lot.
 Patience was on top of the list.
(that and having a good pair of scissors!!) 
And what a thrill it was
when some corners of the squares, matched.
You'd think, I 'd had won the lottery.

 I have much more to learn,
but I'm finding it's fun to learn and see results.

Now, I admire all quilters.
It's hard work!

Tom is the recipient of my first, lap, quilt.


PS; If any of my kids read this,
I would really like a nice pair of sewing scissors
for Christmas!!!


  1. Oh!! I love me a good quilt. It's been awhile since I've tackled one myself. I have all the books, the scissors, the fabric, the plans and intentions and now, I just need to "get at it". I say that every year!!

    Once again, you're inspiring me!!!! PS: I love the hand-quilting the best! I'd do that anyday over the piecing! :)

  2. My mother was a master quilter. Her quilts are works of art. I have four of them plus quilted wall hangings, table toppers, pot holders, etc. Your quilt is beautiful!

  3. What a lovely first quilt. Such pretty colours and fabrics. X

  4. I so would love to learn to quilt! You did good, your first quilt is beautiful :)

  5. Christine, your quilt is very charming. Great job.

    I thought quilting would be my next passion but it turned out to be much harder than I thought. I made two small ones and although I liked making the tops, finishing and binding was quite a challenge . . .

  6. Great job, Christine!!! Tom is a lucky man. =)

    These kind of creations help with missing those little loves... ;) blessings ~ tanna

  7. Giggling at the final comment to your kids. I happen to need a new pair too! I love it that your theme is learning, and I love your first quilt.

    I think there are so many life lessons and spiritual lessons in quilting. (I would know that for sure had I ever had the gumption to learn to quilt.)

    By the way, I just noticed how easily quilt can turn into guilt. That would be me this morning, a guilty nonquilty person.

  8. Oh how fun! Your quilt turned out awesome! Can't wait to see you & your quilt. :)

  9. beautiful quilt. My mom is a quilter; such a lot of work, and so lovely. I admire people who can make these works of art.


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