Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Morning Sun

This was taken this morning, just around 7:00 am.
I love how sun beams in, casting shadows.
Ahhhh...almost fall.


  1. A beautiful way to be greeted as you began your morning, Christine!

  2. Just beautiful. I would have wanted to stop dead in my tracks and take a picture, too. I love this.

    (It would make a beautiful notecard for the notecard party if Vee starts it back up again in the fall.)

  3. I LOVE photos like that. It's so soul stirring... and satisfying. Beautiful!

    So glad you let us see your glimpse of glory!


  4. This just says morning to me. I would love to pull up a chair and have my breakfast there.

  5. Beautiful! One of my first blog friends taught me the appreciation of light. I think of her almost every day, even though she doesn't blog much any more.

    Lovely light in your home!

  6. Hi, Christine! I followed your blog name over here to your space on the web. The link you left at my blog (Thinking About Home) for the "Gathering the Moments" link-up is going to Blogger Dashboard. If I were more cyber-savvy, I could probably figure out how to fix it, but I am not sure which post you want to link nor do I know how to do it. Do you want to come back over and change your link-up so that it heads back here to your blog?

    But while I'm here...I love your lovely, peaceful photo of the table. It makes me want to drop by for a cup of coffee! :)


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