Thursday, August 13, 2015

Our trip back to Seattle was
 for several reasons
but mostly to see Trey. 

I also wanted to check in with Stephanie, 
who is giving birth to our 
6th grandchild next month.

Other reasons:
* To see my friends and 
spend time with them.
* To go to a concert. 
* To get some relief from the heat in Idaho.
* To get things ready for our month long visit in September.
(more on that later)

I was blessed to see Trey almost every day we
were there.
Tom and I even watched Trey, all day on Tuesday!

We went for walks, read books,
sang songs, played cars, had lunch,
and took silly selfies!

 We arrived at Trey's house really early.
So early, I was half asleep when I got dressed.
Todd, our son, looked down at my feet and just laughed.
I had put on two different shoes!

When I asked Trey to put on his
shoes, he decided to do the same thing!

I love this little boy!

Now for the explanation why we will be visiting for the month of September.

We live about 8 to 9 hours away from Seattle.
Stephanie has asked me to be her Doula and her due date in September 9th.
I want to be there to help her, and help our son.
So, we bought a trailer as home-base when we come back and visit. 

This is where we stayed for the week!

The trailer is parked on 
our property in Redmond.
and this was our trial run.

We have never "camped" in a trailer before.
So many things to learn!

It has a cute kitchen ( sorry, no pictures )
Bathroom, with a great shower!
Big bedroom and it has a Bump-out
that holds the dining table.

 This is a close up view out our dining room window.
How cute is that!

Trey came over to visit one day.
Here he is saying good-by 
to a neighbor friend,
 who stopped by. 

We still have a lot to learn about "camping"
Any suggestions?


"Without consultation, plans are frustrated, 
But with many counselors they succeeded."

Proverbs 15:22


  1. Super cute little trailer....perfect for your trips back to Washington! September will be such a wonderful month!

  2. I had to chuckle about your shoes. One day I went to work and my friend told me to look down. I had one brown shoe and one black shoe on. I had to go to the shoe store at lunch and buy new shoes. Yeah, any excuse for new shoes, huh?

    I know you will love your little trailer. My blog friend Linda (Linda's Life Journal) and her husband have a camper on their son's ranch in TX that they use when they go to visit. She has all kinds of tips for living that way.

    I know you and Trey are loving on each other. It's a shame your family lives so far from each other.

  3. Girl, if you have questions, we have answers. We've been enjoying some sort of camping for three decades. Love the little trailer. It's so nice to have your own space, your own things and not have to feel trapped in a hotel.

  4. P.S. I got a giggle out of your shoe dilemma. Reminded me of my daughter at church one Sunday.

  5. Oh good, you got to see Ruth!!

  6. That is my style of camping! What a great idea! A cute home away from home. You two sure are living an interesting "retired lifestyle", and I enjoy sharing in it.
    Looking forward to meeting your new little one, and loved seeing pictures of Trey again.


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