Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So Long For Now...

Tom and I are heading back to Seattle to
help with the birth of our 6th grandchild. 
SHE is due September 9th!
We are going over early just in case.
I can't miss this birth!

We will be staying in our
 "new to us" trailer.
We have already had our trial run.
Things are in place and ready for us.
~google images~

Tom is still packing his suitcase.
~google images~

Me? Well, I've packed, and repacked.
Being gone for a month,
 a girl needs a lot of things. 
Cause you just never know!
~google images~

I also, packed my Doula bag with items that will come in handy for the labor.
Things like;
 Massage tool
Honey sticks
Heating pad
Note pad & pen
Phone numbers of family and friends
(the list goes on and on)
~google images~

I've gone over my classroom notes,
 re-read my text book.
But after helping with five births,
 one thing I know for sure,
each one is different!
~google images~

I won't be around for the month of September.
I will miss all of you.
I will miss reading your advice, recipes, crafts, thoughts
 and what you have been up to.
If you remember, please say a prayer for me and our growing family.
Thank you.
~google images~

Ahhh Autumn!

~google images~


"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

Romans 8:28


  1. Christine, Saying a prayer right now for both you and the mom and baby to come. Travel safely.
    In Him, Marsha Y.

  2. Wishing you a beautiful time away.... Loved your post and the accompanying photos!

    Safety and good health to everyone, and especially to the little one about to show her sweet face to the world.


  3. How exciting! I will keep you all on my prayer list! :-)Blessings...

  4. Have a wonderful time! We will miss you, too!

  5. Have a safe trip and enjoy your visit with Todd and his family! Praying for a safe birth! God bless you and Tom!
    Dee Dee

  6. Congratulations!!! and best of everything as you travel and anticipate and relax and enjoy and everything else that falls in the middle of it all. We'll miss you here... but totally understand. Love all the google images... fun stuff!

  7. Happy Doula-ing, Christine, and prayers for safe delivery of baby girl. We will miss YOU!

    I needed that verse of Scripture today.

  8. Christine! Raising you and Tom up in prayer for your travels and your wonderful experience ahead. Hugs to you and looking forward to hearing all about it with pictures!

  9. And that means I will get to see you! Hurray!

  10. How exciting, Christine, a new baby, and you get to help deliver!
    Love the trailer, and oh how I have wanted one of these for ages, I am so jealous, enjoy and be blessed!

  11. I envy, a good way, you getting to be a doula, I would so love to do that. Well our sixth came in less than an hour. I picked up the boys and before I got home from the birthing center our sixth grandson was born. I pray blessings on yours also!!

  12. Hello, what a wonderful and exciting time...
    Looking forward to the news!
    Saying a prayer for all of you!
    Hugs, Roxy


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