Sunday, May 1, 2016

Aunt Bobbie

I would like to introduce you to a 
very special lady in my life.
This is my Aunt Bobbie. 
She is my mom's older sister.
Aunt Bobbie is 90 years old and
doesn't look a day over 70.

She has lived a very tragic life but
 you would never know it.
She is happy, content, loves life,
 most of all she loves the Lord. 

She lost her daughter in a
 plane crash, 45 years ago.
 Then she lost her husband, 
shortly afterwards.
17 years ago, she lost her son in a car crash.
That was her whole family.
After her daughter died, 
my Aunt Bobbie became a Christian.
She has always turned to Jesus for strength.
This made such an impact on me as a teenager.

For 42 years she has been a BSF leader,
 and just recently stepped down.
 Now just a "student" in BSF!
She gets on her knees everyday and prays,
for strength and guidance.
Then she prays for the people in her life.

Aunt Bobbie has lived in her condo
for 32 years. 
She walks up and down her stairs
without any problems, fixes meals and entertains.

But she has now decided to move!
Her grandson, who she loves dearly,
 is building a special room in his home.
I couldn't be happier!

Aunt Bobbie has told me many times, 
how she loves each and 
every room in her home.
And how she is going to miss them.

So I came up with an idea, 
 on my next trip over,
I'd take pictures for her.
I told her she could have these pictures, for memories 
and share them with others, 
after she moves.
She LOVED the idea!

 Well, Tom and I just got back from the Seattle area.
We were able to see family and friends, but we had to get back home.  
Our 7th grandchild is due at the end of May.

It was a perfect time for Aunt Bobbie and I to visit and
relive all her memories of living in her condo.
Which lead to a lot of interesting stories.
What fun we had!

As we went around to each room in her home,
 I snapped pictures.
She thought I'd be taking about 10 pictures.
Well, I ended up taking more than 60.
She was amazed at the digital process,
asking, 'what happened to Kodak?'

I got to work right away,
 on creating a picture album for her.
She has pictures of everything, 
even pictures of pictures!

Before we left for home, Tom and I stopped
 by to drop off her album.
Tears were falling down 
her cheeks as she read my 
Mother's Day card to her.
Then she opened the album.
She was so delighted, turning each page and 
talking about each picture.

Aunt Bobbie is like a mother to me.
In fact we often talk about that.
When my first cousin died,
 all those years ago, 
I knew that I was going to be significant to her, 
just as she has been to

Happy Mother's Day
Aunt Bobbie
I Love You!!


"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things,"

1 Corinthians 13:7 


  1. Oh what a wonderful post, Christine, and what a wonderful aunt. She certainly doesn't look 90. I can only imagine the joy you have brought each other in life. I'm always amazed and inspired by people who manage to thrive, even when life sends them down rocky paths.

    How special to document the rooms in her home, so she'll have them with her always.

    Happy Mother's Day to Aunt Bobbie!

  2. Such a beautiful tribute to your special aunt, and what a lovely, thoughtful gift you came up with! This post just warms my heart!

    Happy Monday!

  3. I could tell right away that you two have a beautiful and special relationship. How wonderful the Lord is to give us people like her in our lives. That was a sweet and thoughtful gift to give your aunt. Now no matter where she goes, her beloved home goes with her.

  4. What a thoughtful gesture and wonderful gift. The two of you are blessed to have each other. I'm glad she'll be living with family.

  5. Your Aunt Bobbie sure sounds like quite a lady, Christine. She will treasure your special gift-what a great idea!
    BTW, what does BSF represent?

  6. Oh Christine now tears are falling down my cheeks! What a gift you gave to your dear Aunt Bobbie. May the Lord continue to bless and keep her.

  7. They don't make them like they "use to"... as the saying goes, and I was nodding my head thinking of some precious people in my life who do not live with tears and regrets, even though they have many, but their hope is in the Lord. Such a beautiful tribute to your Aunt Bobbie, such an incredible heart she has, and what a joy for you to be able to do this for her! It is always so nice to be able to think of something to do for someone you treasure so dearly. May the Lord bless you richly this Mother's Day :)

  8. Every so thoughtful you are.
    That is no surprise to me.

  9. Every so thoughtful you are.
    That is no surprise to me.

  10. I love that you took pictures for your aunt. I've found that older people are thrilled with the gifts that you don't buy in stores. Fun!

  11. That was a wonderful thing you did for your Aunt. I'm sure that will give her lots of comfort after her move.

  12. Very, very touching. What a remarkable, beautiful woman. I say that about your Aunt Bobbie and about you. Hugs.

  13. Oh my...*sigh*

    A sweetheart. Jesus, please be with Aunt Bobbie in a special way...

    I'll definitely be remembering Aunt Bobbie in my prayers, what a special angel.


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