Monday, November 21, 2016

Playing and Visiting

Harvest Party

Our church has an annual Harvest Party every year.
It's always fun, rain or shine. This year it was rain,
But that doesn't matter!
We're from Seattle!
What's a little water?

1. Invitation 
2. The ride over, so Fall'ish   
3. Craft table
4. Hay ride for small kids  
5 .Cowboys! 
6. Leaning how to Rope
7. Lulu's apple pie for the contest.
8. Lulu looking on... 
9. Papa is a judge this year!
(No, Lulu didn't win. She was happy for the girl who did win)

Saying Good-bye

But before we left for a trip to Seattle, 
we spent sometime with our daughter's family.
We celebrated Reformation day!
Activities went on all day long.
This was the scene when we drove away.
We'd be gone for two weeks.
It was quite the send off!

Two weeks in Seattle.

So much went on while we were in Seattle/Redmond.

First stop...
hugs and kisses from these two!

Trey (4yrs) and Scarlett (1 yr.)

Tom and I also watched the World Series.
Image result for world series 2016
Congratulations Chicago Cubs!

Todd and Stephanie  hosted an 
early Thanksgiving for
Tom's side of the family.

We spent a lot of time with our grand kids.

Trey and I baked banana bread.
Trey loves my banana bread.
"Omie, we ran out of banana bread!"
So, every few weeks, 
I bake a loaf and mail it to him.
I tell him that I put a lot of LOVE into each loaf,.
That's why it's so good.

This is a jar of LOVE
We used a pinch of it when we made our loaf.

Scarlett loves her Papa!

Trey was so excited to show me how he 
can draw a sailboat and spell his name.

Tom and I also took sometime to just relax and
enjoy some familiar places.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL.
They were calling it 

Little more love from Papa...

We won't be back until after the new year.
Glad we brought over all the Christmas gifts!


"Let all you do be done in love."

1 Corinthians 16:14


  1. What sweet pictures! I'm so glad you had a chance to visit with Todd & family. (And get some coffee!) I love your Harvest Party. Our Harvest Day at church is nothing like that. But I like yours a lot and I am going to tell my pastor about it. Maybe we can use some of your ideas in our day next year.

  2. Well, you have been a very busy lady! The Harvest Party looked like such fun, and tell Lulu that her apple pie looked soo yummy! I'm sure the grandkids in Idaho missed you dearly, how sweet of them to line up and wave goodbye to you! And my, how the grandkids have grown, I remember when you went over for Scarlett's birth, wow! Such fun times for you and Tom! And I love the "love" jar, so cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I loved looking at all your pictures. I can identify and name all your grands now! :D I always hate the 'driving off' part.
    Mayvember is a great name for what we've experienced here in the Midwest this year too. Wonder what winter will bring. Thankful for heat!
    You two, like us, seem to stay on the road. Good cars and health. Thankful for that too.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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