Monday, November 13, 2017

Gone And Back

 Tom and I hit the road, again!
Same road, different ride.
We took our "new to us" travel van to Seattle.
It was getting late in the season and several mountain passes were closed due to snow.
So we improvised!
We took the long way and went around the mountains.
This meant a few more days of traveling.
We didn't care.
We are like a turtle.
We travel WITH our home.
First night was at a Walmar
Or better known as Walmart.

In the morning, I stayed in bed,
 while Tom drove us to a Starbucks.
I'm so spoiled. 

 There is always a huge agenda and a sense of rush
when we pull into the Seattle area.

We both had our annual physicals.
A meeting with our financial planner.
A meeting about my mom's estate and will.
But the most important was
visiting with my Aunt Bobbie.
(my mom's sister)

 Can you believe she's turning 92 in January?

We parked our travel van
 in Todd and Stephanie's driveway.
(I love that I don't have to pack or unpack a suitcase)
That way we can see this guy in action....
 ***Kindergarten picture***

Walk him to school...
and watch him play! 
We get extra special time, one on one, with Scarlett.
 Here's Papa getting her ready for the day.
He's on hair styling detail.

After a week of hugs and kisses, it's time to go.
When Todd and Kimmy were growing up,
we'd have cinnamon rolls every Sunday.
We called them, Vitamin C's.
So, the Sunday we left,
we baked them
as a farewell breakfast.
We won't be back to Seattle until after the snow melts,
which is sometime in February.
Seattle is beautiful...
But so is home...

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
Genesis 1:1


  1. So nice that you are able to travel and visit with your family. That looks like great get away van. Enjoy!!

  2. I love the little van that you bought! It's perfect to get around in and to be your home on wheels! It sure is no fun dealing with the passes in the winter time! Such sweet pictures of all your grandkids and very special memories with them, love the cinnamon rolls! How nice to go to Starbucks while you're still in bed haha!


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