Thursday, November 15, 2018


This is Mark's birthday cake that I baked for him.
I almost cried when I took the cake out it's pan.

But then I remembered this
 Pintrest picture and thought.
"That's it!"

All I needed were some Kit Kats and some M &M's.

So off to the Dollar Store to get my supplies.

Several candy bars later and you'd never know!

 Results were better then I ever expected.

Happy   Birthday   Mark!


  1. Way to improvise, Christine. It looked really good and who doesn't want a little extra chocolate. Happy belated b-day to Mark.

  2. That looks pretty amazing -- a great improvisation. Happy birthday to Mark.

  3. What a pretty cake! I've never heard of doing that with the candy. And what mistake? I don't see any mistakes, do you?

  4. Hi Christine!

    What a beautiful cake...who would of thought of using Kit-Kats and M&M's?! It looks like it was made in a bakery! Pinterest has saved me a few times as well, but not like that...I love it!

    Happy Birthday, Mark!!

    Hugs and Love,


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