Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

Christmas was very special for me this year.
I'm going to show and explain,
the BEST present I received.

Trey and I,
 our grandson in Seattle. 
write back and forth to each other.
This way he can practice his penmanship 
and I can have his thoughts.

I sent him a list of things that I love.
He sent back his list, next to my list.
He asked that I read his list 
out loud on Marco Polo.
(video texting),

Here I am opening the letter from Trey.
Mind you, this is a video,
so theses pictures are blurry.

This is part of his letter...

Then I come to the last page and start reading...
(and crying)

I looked up at Tom, still filming, and words couldn't
come out!
Trey's last item on his long list was,
that they are expecting!

Below are pictures take from a video, also.

Kimmy had her kids sit down, while they
 watched the video of me reading Trey's list. 

When they heard Todd and Steph were excepting, 
Ila kept jumping up and down
Lulu had a huge smile on her face.
Levi was clapping and yelling.
Silas jump out of his seat and shouted.
Isaac just kept jumping up and down.
(I don't think he understood but everyone else was jumping so, it was a good excuse to jump on the couch)

Their reaction was so sweet.
They are so happy to be having another cousin!

Todd and Stephanie are expecting a 

If anyone is keeping count of how many
grandchildren we have,
this will be #9!


"Rejoice with those who rejoice; morn with those who morn."

Romans 12:15


  1. Congratulations! What an awesome Christmas gift.

  2. How utterly exciting! I am so happy for you all! I will be praying for a safe pregnancy for them!
    Happy New Year!

  3. So happy for Todd and Stephanie! We have a busy year ahead already!

  4. What a great time for your family!

  5. Just had to stop by …
    My congratulations too :)

    Happy New Year

    All the best Jan

  6. Another blessing for you and Tom. Don't you just love Trey's inventive spelling? I am smiling for you!!

  7. How precious ! Congratulations ! This is eobdeerful my friend . Nothing any sweeter than s new bsby to bring refreshment to our life . HI’ve and blessings , Cindy

    1. Typing on this phone is going to cause me to be crazy with spelling 😂

  8. Awhhh... Wonderful!!

    Happiest of everything.... this New Year!!!

  9. Hi Christine!!

    Happy New Year!! Sounds like this will be a very happy one for you - what exciting news, congratulations!!

    Hugs and Love,

  10. Oh, how very cool! And congratulations! :D

  11. Oh my, what a special way to announce such an exciting event! So very precious! Congratulations on grandchild #9, that is just so awesome! I think it is wonderful that you communicate with Trey like this, to help him learn how to write better, just precious! Blessings and hugs :)


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