Friday, May 31, 2019

Last Day of School

For 180 days the school bus has picked up and 
dropped off our neighborhood,
 elementary school students.

There are about 14 students 
who line up to get on board.

All this takes place in our backyard.
The bus stops right behind our fence.

I love it.

Today, was the last day of school.
I had to do something for the students to 
help them celebrate.

We always have chalk around, for our grand kids.

 I raced out the back gate and began to draw and write.

  I left pieces of chalk  on the cement, 
so they could add their art work.

 Here I am busy at work.

Then the kids started to come, one by one.
I hurried back into our yard and closed the gate.

I peeked out a knot hole in our fence and
 took a picture.

This little girl got busy adding to the  
sidewalk chalk artwork.

Here's the bus!

When the coast was clear and the bus was far down the road,
I went out the gate to see what 
was drawn.


She's a heart girl, just like me.

Happy Last Day !


"Peace I leave with : my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

John 14:27


  1. This is such an awesome post, Christine, You absolutely have a heart full of love, these kids, will never forget this gesture of love you gave them. There are times when I read a post and my heart is so full of joy, this is one of them.
    Blessings, Sue

  2. This reminds me of when you used to work for a school. You have always had a heart for kids. What a wonderful thing to do for them. Too bad they didn't have more time. I can imagine what your sidewalk would have looked like. Happy last day of school!

  3. That is so neat, I bet it's so fun watching the children. And I think it's *great* that you did that for them! How fun!!!!! You must be a very thoughtful person, ...Wonderful!

    Love the scripture too, very good reminder! <3 ~Amelia

  4. Oh my goodness! This is exactly something I would do! I've done chalk drawings and writing for neighbors to cheer them up, or just say hi! Just started reading your blog a few days ago, already have you on my list! Have a blessed week!

  5. what a thoughtful gift you offered these children. ♥♥♥ i love that the little girl offered hearts in return. ♥♥♥

  6. Oh I just love what you did here! So much fun. What a thoughtful person you are. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. What a neat thing to do, Christine. Your thoughtfulness never ceases to amaze me. That's just the way your heart and mind works. . .always thinking of others. Lovely. Hugs, Nancy


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