Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Best Made Plans...

Here's Nathan with his Pre-Surgery haircut.

During his haircut,
many hands were helping.

After his haircut.
Hummm...Nathan and Papa 
have the same haircut!

Salt Lake City here we come!!

Bags are packed.
Cars filled with kids and food.
Trailer stuffed and wrapped with all the toys.
Nine o'clock AM arrived and we took off. 
caravaning the whole 5.5 hours!

Arrived in the late afternoon.


The next day, Thursday,
 Nathan had his blood work done.

Something is wrong!

Nathan has a temperature!
But we continued, as if Nathan will have surgery the next day!

 Early morning prayers and a good-by picture.

Mark and Nathan outside the
Children's Hospital.

We stopped and prayed right before
Nathan was supposed to head in to surgery.


The Doctor said "No". 
He even consulted 5 other Doctors 
and they all said no, too!
Nathan still had a temperature.

The emotions were all over the place.
What do we do now?

Well, we were thankful!
We praised God for an answer,
even though it wasn't the one
we wanted.
We gave thanks for a clear answer.

Then we went outside and played!!
Mark set up the slip and slide.

It turned into a water fight!
Levi and I had a good time
getting wet.

We are home now waiting for the
Doctor to call for a Reschedule Date.

And when we do get a surgery date,
we'll do it all over again!

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  1. I read this post and the one down below and just want you to know I will keep this precious little boy in my prayers. I hope he can have it done soon and begin to recover. Take care!

  2. Oh my goodness, what an emotional roller coaster this must be for you precious folks...I will continue to lift all these most important decisions and the timing up in prayers! God is able as I can tell you know! : )

    Praying for you, your family and precious baby. Soooo precious. And you are preciously loved by God! (((hugs))) <3

  3. Still praying for Nathan. It will be all right, in the right time. He is so precious!

  4. We're keeping Nathan and everyone in our prayers! It must have been so disappointing in that moment, but God in His infinite timing will give you that "Yes!" when He thinks it's right. You have such a beautiful, close family, there is no doubt Nathan is well-loved and supported even during this wait! Blessings to you all! ♥

  5. Praying for you all and especially that sweet little man there. God's timing is always perfect though sometimes we just don't get it. But praise HIS NAME that He knows what we need and what we don't. Do keep us tuned in. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. So disappointing. However, I LOVE your response to it -- go out and have fun! Trusting God and calling for prayers. Great! Love you and your family. You all inspire me. Praying for Nathan! Hugs, Nancy

  7. awesome article..
    thank for sharing :)


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