Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Love'n On The Old Banjo!

Our new puppy, Banjo got very sick.
Stopped eating, drinking and playing.
All he did was sleep!

We were scared!

We took him to the Vets and they kept him
 for two days.

Banjo was given an IV and had X-Rays.
Nothing was found.
So they planned on surgery,
But then Dr. said, lets give it one more day.

That's when 
he started to eat and perked up !

It was SO hard to leave him, not knowing if we'd see him again!
When he felt better, 
the staff took turns holding him.
They all loved him!

He's home now and feeling good!


Our weather has been sunny but cold.
Soon I will have a date with Tom to 
 sit outside and enjoy a fire.

I might be pushing Spring!
But I'm ready.

I enjoy getting bulb plants for inside decorations,
 so that I can plant
 them outside when I'm through with them.

❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤

This is Banjo today!
(6 1/2 months old)

Love'n on the old Banjo!


Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed , for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my rightness right hand."

Isaiah 41:10


  1. Banjo is so adorable. No wonder everyone wanted to hold him. So sorry he got so sick, but I'm glad he recovered. I am so ready for Spring too. I get bulb plants for inside to plant outside too. Especially daffodils since they are Joe's favorites.

  2. So happy that Banjo recovered!! That must have been scary. I know how we are about our little furbabies.

    Can you believe that we have daffodils that are beginning to bloom? I don't ever remembering them blooming this early here in Maryland. Maybe because of all the rain we've had this winter? Or the warm-ish January? But I'm still ready for Spring. I want green!

  3. Hi Christine~

    Oh, that's so scary! I'm so glad that Banjo is okay! He's so adorable, I can see why the staff were loving on him! Our, Cole used to get sick every time we took in to the vet, they catch all of those little doggie flu bugs, just like kids!

    We are still in the deep freeze of winter, in fact, last night was soooo cold! I can't wait for some warmer weather. I know it will come, but I get impatient this time of year ;0)

    I love your Daffodils, they just remind me of warm spring pretty!!

    Hugs and Love,

  4. I started to tear up as I began to read, but then I perked up when I found that Banjo is doing well, I think when he heard the word surgery he decided I better get going. ~wink~ He is so cute, Christine, I know how much you all are enjoying him.
    I am so ready for spring too, dh knows how much I enjoy flowers so while I was shopping at the grocery store, he sneaks a bouquet in our car, didn't see them until later after the groceries were put away.
    Those special dates with our dos are so precious, many lifetime decisions have been made sitting on the porch and by you fire pit too! Enjoy!!
    Have a blessed day,

  5. I must recheck my spelling, I meant DHs not dos, for some reason lately my computer keyboard has been mis-spelling words.

  6. So happy your pup perked up. Having a sick animal is like having a sick baby, you feel so helpless, because they can't tell you where it hurts. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Thank God little Banjo is okay! I'm sure a lot of prayers went forth. That must have been so hard as you wrote, to leave him there. I can't even imagine how you felt under these circumstances. He did look very sick, when I saw the photo I immediately knew something was wrong.

    I love that scripture at the end, one of my favorites. So comforting.

    Banjo looks adorable now, what a little darling!

  8. Looks like Banjo has a permanent place it your heart. Glad to hear his recovery is underway.

  9. So glad Banjo is okay. Bless his heart and yours. He is such a cutie. Oh I do love me an outside fire...that's what I call it. LOL! Spring is right around the corner isn't it? Well, in Florida you never know what you will get. Ha! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Oh I'm so thankful that Banjo finally got better, what a scare for you! Your hearts get so attached to the sweet little darling so much! Spring is coming early here too, I'm thankful for the beautiful sunshine we've had!!!


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