Monday, June 29, 2020

On The Road Again

Things are back to somewhat "normal" with 
my eyes, so we took off for an quick 
camping trip.

We jumped into our Van and headed out to one of 
my favorite camp sites.
We weren't sure what was open or 
what we could or couldn't do.
The web site said, 
no fires, no showers and no garbage pick ups.

But we prepared for just about anything. 

Good morning!
Hot coffee served with a smile.

Banjo had a great spot, as a look out.
And he was thrilled to meet anything or anyone.

These two played for the longest time.
While we talked to his owner.

And so did these two!
Dogs and kids are Banjo's favorite things!

As it turned out, we could have a fire.
(plus showers and garbage pickups)

Bring on the Polish Dogs!

Because I didn't think we could have a fire,
I bought a treat for Tom.
What's camping without S'mores?

Did you know you could buy 
S'mores already made?

Not as good as the real deal.

But I think I should of told Tom ahead of time
to take the wrapper off.
OH, well, he enjoyed his way.

The smoke and sunshine created 
a interesting picture.
You can actually SEE the sun rays.

God is good!

Time went quickly and we headed home with a promise
to be back soon.

** Word of Warning to all **
Dog Lovers!

While Banjo was out for his supervised (on a leash),
  walks in the woods,
he came in contact with a harmful and potentially, deadly weed.
(But we didn't know this)

After every walk, we'd inspect him and pick off all the pine needles
and anything else that stuck to his fur.
He started limping and whining.
We couldn't see what was bothering him.

One week later, he was still limping and licking the bottom of his foot.
We'd looked and looked, but nothing!
Finally, we saw that his foot pad was pink'ish.

I ran for a flashlight, a magnifying glass and tweezers. 
Tom saw it and pulled it out!
 The remnants of an awns from
Research told me that it is very harmful, even deadly, to dogs.

Praising God for helping us track it down and 
removing it from Banjo's paw.

This is the remnant of an awns,
  next to a fountain pen.
It's was very small.

No wonder we couldn't see it.
And look how sharp it is!
Banjo is doing fine now.


'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the Lord. 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.'

Jeremiah 29:11



  1. So glad you got to go camping Christine. What fun. And that polish dog looks so dang good. I don't guess i have ever heard of that thorny bush! OH MY GOODNESS! That is really dangerous and I would think to everyone but especially our furry friends. Hope you have a good week. P.S. google red neck slip and slide! LOL! FUN for the kids. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. I'm so glad you got to take a short trip away from things. I had to chuckle with Tom and that smores package. It sounds like something Joe would do. I have never heard of Hare Barley. Amazing how something so small can be so deadly.

  3. Oh! I love to go camping, but we haven't it many years, I do miss it.
    I am happy you found Banjo's problem and that he is doing well, give him a hug from me, I think he is absolutely adorable, no wonder everyone loves him so much!
    I didn't know they made s'mores in packages, must look for them.
    Looks like you are having a great summer, I have missed blogging so much, hope to be back soon! It has been one of our busiest seasons, and I have had a health issue with skin cancer, and am now recuperating.
    Thanks for your visit and sweet comment, I am so enjoying my new coffee make, thank you for asking.


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