Saturday, June 17, 2023


It's been a long streach between posts!
(prepare for lots of pictures)

We said good-bye to Banjo at the first of this year.
We re-homed him.
Long story but he is better off with another loving family!

Tom and I took a trip to the ocean for a reprieve.
Cannon Beach is our  "Go To The Sea To Breath", retreat.

Tillamook Cheese Factory is a must.

They have the biggesst ice cones in
the world! (wink)

Another favorite place in McCall Idaho.

If we drive the VW and the sun is out, 
the top goes down.

A Bon Fire is a must when we have overnight guests.

Our Washington State family has been busy with all sorts of fun things.
Trey (10 yrs), was Shrek in his school play. He sang, danced and
said his lines perfectly for the family.

While we were back "home', we visited with my brother.

Our gardens are ripening and growing fast. 
Almost as fast as our grandkids.

I'm trying to keep up with new ideas and recipes with things from the garden.
Here I made Rose Water, out of our roses.

There were moments of refined culture.
We took the family to see 
EVERYONE loved it.

For Mother's Day I recieved a Chicken Coop and two chicks.

What a surprise!

Introducing Henrirtta and Dixi Chick.
No eggs yet but soon.

We find  "Love Notes" all over our home.

Ila May put on a One Man Show for our family.
We all signed in, recieved a Program and some Red Licorice. 
Then found a perfect seat.

 Her Mom even had a Reserved Seat.

Ila May danced, sang, read poetry, did magic tricks, and entertained us
with her spunk!

Volunteers were asked to join her on stage.

Tom is always the first to raise his hand.

Boys will be boys!!!
Tom has the younger boys waving to passing cars!
And yes, some honked back.


Kimmy is pregnant with  #7 
and it's a 

Due date: early December

Her name has already been revealed...

Pearl Christine!

I couldn't be more honored!



  1. I am delighted to see an update. I love all the pictures. It looks like you are all having wonderful times! I am so happy to hear about the new grandbaby! Her name is so sweet! God bless!

  2. oh it is so wonderful to get an update from you! It looks like everyone is doing well. I can't believe how big all the grandkids are getting! Time really does fly! Congrats on the soon to be new addition to the family. Sending hugs! Dee Dee

  3. Hi Christine, you have been on my mind, it donned on me that I have not heard from you! I'm so glad and thankful that you are doing well. : )

    It was with a sad heart that I read that Banjo was re-homed. I don't know the specifics but I pray he is in a loving home.

    Awww....a baby girl! How wonderful that they named her middle name after you! Love the name.

    That's great, those chicks and the coop! One of ours is Henrietta. They make wonderful pets and eggs too. Henrietta will squat down and let me pick her up and I can pet her, very sweet little hen. We have chicks for eggs and pets both. : )

    God be with you Christine, ~Amelia

  4. My goodness, you are all just having a ball in your neck of the woods. I love hearing that!! Good news all around. We are a big musical theater, performance kind of family around here, so it's always wonderful to see the next generation involved! And chicks!! Lucky you. The names and the coop are just the most darling I've ever seen...and babies are always a blessing. Congratulations to you all!! I bet you can't wait to meet your tiny namesake!

  5. Christine, Oh my, what fun you are all having. A proper summer! Was sorry to hear that little Banjo is moving to a new home - hopefully he's adjusting and falling in love with his new family.

    Wishing you a beautiful summer ahead. Brenda xo


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