Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Children's Garden

This is the garden that I have dedicated to our Grandchildren, now and the ones in the future.

This piece of our property had always been a "waste land". But when our first grandchild was born, our lives changed. I wanted her to have a place she could go to smell & pick flowers, watch vegetables grow then eat them, see birds fly, and dig in the dirt.
I also wanted it to be a place of intrigue.
Today it is everything I imagined!
It takes some work and lots of love.

These are the before and after pictures.

We have garden decorations all along the path, bird houses, statues and flower pots.

This little, pink, bird house I thought was just for decoration but this Spring a family of Wrens moved in. It has been so much fun watching the family grow. There are 6 tiny baby birds (I peeked and counted!). Both dad and mom are working hard feeding all those mouths.

(If you look over the bird house door, you'll see another tiny little bird house! )

My day is complete when our granddaughter comes in and asks to go outside and to pick Sugar Snap peas.



Vase life for cut flowers is extended by filling the vase with warm water.


  1. What a wonderful idea! The garden is just beautiful and what child wouldn't love it!

  2. Hi Mother,

    Your garden is beautiful!! We love coming over and enjoying all the veggies too. We have been eating the lettuce. Thanks for being such amazing Grandparents.....we love you!!!

  3. Thank you so much or visiting us today and thank you for sharing the pics of your wonderful garden!
    We're sure that your Grandchildren will always remember the time spent there!

  4. What a precious garden...even more so when I think about your granddaughter wanting to pick sugar snap peas! :)

  5. I have really enjoyed reading and looking at yur photos! We've also been married for 30 years and our first grandchild, a girl, is expected on the 21st of this month. I am totally inspired by your garden. It never occurred to me to do something so magical. WE have the space, so my imagination is at work. Thanks.

  6. What a darling garden you've made! I love all the bits of whimsy you've scattered about! I bet your granddaughter just loves it!


  7. I love your blog. I love your garden. How sweet for the grandkids.

    I came by from In This Season to check out your blog. I think your hats theme was a great way to share your changing life. I'm going to be changing a lot of things myself this fall.

    One thing is trying to find a job in the school district. I am looking at Teacher's Aid and Office Asst.

    Can I ask what you think are good qualities in an office asst?

    Have a nice evening,
    Nannette from Life: Be In It


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