Monday, June 29, 2009

Party was so much FUN!

The Black and White Party!

Everyone wore Black, White or both. I even had a little black & white doggy dress for Lucy.

These pictures were taken before the guests arrived. Lucy was so mad that she had to wear a dress, she wouldn't even look at me for one more picture.

The backyard was ready and so was the patio.

Now is was time for the guests to arrive.

And all the guests dressed in black and white! The bride and groom wore their bright colors. Well, at least the bride did!

Even Arthur, our other dog, had on a white bandanna.
You sure could spot the bride, no matter where she was.

Look carefully at the picture below. One of our friends wore orange shoes. She told me that she just had to have some color. There is a rebel in every crowd. I thought it was clever.

The cake was cut, presents were opened and we all toasted the couple.

Our son took a wonderful group picture with the Bride and Groom, surrounded by all the guests in their Black & White. Thank goodness our son was there to take the good pictures.
I was having to way to much fun!



If you plant basil near your tomatoes, worms and flies will be repelled.


  1. What a fun looking party! Love the black and white decor. Especially the jars! Are the pictures modpodged onto the outside? Did you cover the images with it also? Love them! ~ Violet

  2. Hi Mother!! I love the pictures and I even see a cute little one in there.....I think she had the most fun. You did such a great job with the party. Thanks for the fun!!

  3. To answer Violet question about the jars, Yes and Yes. I did modpoded the pictures on the outside of the jars. First the backs of the pictures and then the face of the pictures. It was sooooo easy and fun. Everyone went around looking at each different jar.


  4. Looks like so much fun! I know they appreciated all of your hard work! Have a great day!


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