Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Fourth Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

This was our annual carving event weekend.
It's a time when we get together as a family and
laugh, talk, think, create, eat, decide things and especially show our love for each other.
It is also a great time to decide about the upcoming holidays. We can make decisions about who is going where, when and with whom.
The prizes were wrapped and waiting.
The food was plentiful.
What would a pumpkin craving contest without
Carmel Apples!
Let the planning begin!
Decisions, decisions, decisions!
We cleared the floor and spread the newspaper.
We worked at our own pace, taking breaks for Hot Cider and snacks.
Does your mom know you have a knife?
Grandma was the supervisor.
Look what I was supervising!
The finished products

Pretty good, don't you think?
We all have a great time.
I alway enjoy having my family at home.
(By the way, everyone was a winner and got a wonderful prize.)


To keep brand new red clothes form bleeding all over your other laundry, soak it in vinegar before the first washing.


  1. Wow!! What a great job and a bunch of creative carvers you've got there. I wasn't expecting the living room floor though. That says alot about you, Christine. Laid back, are we? lol...good for you.

    I love ALL the prizes(for all the winners)too... great idea.

  2. WOW..I am impressed!

    Beautiful family moments!

    Blessings, andrea

  3. Oh what fun! Looks like you have some creative folks there. What a wonderful idea! Maybe I'll give it a try.

  4. Christine,
    We just did our annual pumpkin carving day over this past weekend. However, it looks like your "guests" carved more on their own than ours! And what a wonderful job they did as well. When we get together with our family(my family, my sister's family and our mom and dad and the two great grandmas), we let the seven kids, ages 5-14 do the designing, but by default (knives and little ones don't always mix well) we adults end up doing most of the carving for the little ones!
    Wow, I love your prizes! Did you bake and make all of them? They look so yummy!
    Dee Dee

  5. dee dee,
    Yes, I made some goodies for each of the prizes. I tried to have something homemade along with something bought, and I got the baskets from the Goodwill.
    I just love have the family get together and do something creative, like this.

  6. Those pumpkins are amazing. Ours are quite embarrassing compared to them!


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