Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Egg - actly" what I wanted

Tonight I'm going to a friends 40th Birthday Party.
No gifts, just bring an Hors d'oeuvre.
A lot of my co-workers and other acquaintances will be there,
so I wanted to bring something yummy.

But here's a little secret, I don't like to cook.

I remembered a post from one of the first blogs that I ever read, Like Merchant Ships.
Meredith has very clever and unique ways of presenting her homemade goodies. I refer back to her posts all the time.
She said the easiest and cheapest appetizer was Deviled Eggs.
So I thought, everyone likes Deviled Eggs! I have the eggs and all the rest of the ingredients.
Plus, I have the perfect basket.

I'm set!



Peeling hard boiled eggs: Start eggs in cold water with 1/2 t. salt and 1T. oil. Bring to full boil. Now you have two choices: you can reduce the heat and simmer the eggs for 12 minutes or cover the pan, turn off the heat and wait 15 to 20 minutes. Put eggs in cold water to stop cooking process. Crack the shells and run them under cold water again. The eggs should peel easily.

(as my daughter can attest, I love things with a theme, presents, parties and now this blog posts)


  1. Perfect! And they look so pretty!

  2. Looks great!! Now, I should let you in on a little secret... I am pretty near "devasted" if there are no deviled eggs at a picnic or get together. And, what's worse, if there were some there and I didn't get one. The best part about deviled eggs is that no two persons can make the same EGGSact recipe. ;)
    It just always amazes me how many different ways they can be made.

  3. I'll bet those eggs are "eggstraordinary!"
    Thank you, Christine for your prayers for my Dad.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed my first visit here. Your posts were so interesting. The eggs were a great idea to take to the party. I just might use that idea for a covered dish.

  5. Yummy!!! Thanks for letting us "test" them yesterday before you went to the party!!
    Love your daughter

  6. Christine,

    Your deviled eggs look so yummy! My son loves (very much an understatement) deviled eggs. Your's are so pretty, I think they should be called angel eggs!

    Dee Dee

  7. The eggs look yummy right now, and you are so right Meredith always has some great ideas. I miss her regular posts. Jackie

  8. Hey, are you STILL at that party? LOL!


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