Monday, November 23, 2009

Just When IS Thanksgiving?

OK, so you must know by now that I'm not one who goes by ALL the rules. So with that said, Thanksgiving for us is on Friday not Thursday. This started about three years ago. With married children and working the day before, I found it very hard to enjoy cooking a big dinner. So we came up with the idea of having our Thanksgiving on Friday. We invite who ever wants to come, family, friends, neighbors and even people we work with.

So when everyone else is shopping . . . . . . .

We are having a delicious turkey dinner . . . . . . .



Last year, I tired a time-saving idea. After Thanksgiving dinner, all those dirty dishes were put in a warm, soapy ice chest to soak, until I was ready to wash them. This gave me time to visit with my family and a somewhat clean kitchen!


  1. Hi, Here's wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving.

    Here in Canada we tend to have freedom in choosing which day we celebrate too. The official day is always the 2nd Monday in October, but depending on people's schedules, some years we've enjoyed our turkey on Saturday, Sunday, and Mondays.

  2. I love the tidbit idea! I don't have a dishwasher (not really ever planning to get one either, unless we would ever move to a house that already has one)so, just fill a cooler, and "let em soak" - till later? Cool!

  3. What a great plan. I wish I was your neighbor, I'd stop by on Friday! I don't do the crowds either.

    Your tidbit idea is brilliant!

  4. I won't be shopping at a any physical retail store this coming Friday either! Anyway, who says you have to do things the same way as everyone else? We all have to do what works best for each of us. Have a great Thanksgiving, Christine!

  5. Christine,

    What a neat idea! However even knowing you for just this tiny bit... I think that "thanks giving" is every day at your home! For where God is there is reason to give thanks! Happy Thanksgiving... Dee Dee

  6. Dee Dee... yes we have "thanks giving" every day. Thanks for the kind words.


  7. I wish some of our children would realize Thanksgiving can be any day. They usually eat two meals. One with us and one with their spouse's family. My granddaughter Tess goes to three meals on that day. We use throw away plates and glasses. No china or beautiful table here. Way too many people. It sounds like you will have a great day. Happy Thanksgiving. Doylene

  8. When I worked in the hospital, my family and I always celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday. I believe a holiday is whenever we are with those we love.....doesn't matter what day it is! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Love this idea! Just think of a whole day on Thursday to cook, bake and prep. Pure genius.

    Happy thanksgiving!

  10. Good idea for the dishes. That's the part we spend so much time on & it's okay cuz the women are together, but we don't get too much visiting time unless everyone can stay for awhile.

    One year we went out to eat, I didn't like it cuz we felt like we had to move on so other people could get their Thanksgiving dinner too.
    It was nice not doing dishes though.


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