Saturday, November 21, 2009

Traditions = Excitment

This is the time of year when the traditions come out and the excitement starts. Today was the start of many family traditions. I changed around the living room and dining rooms. For most of the year the dining room is the dining room and the living room is the living room (have I lost you?). Today, we change the dining room into the living room and the living room into the dining room (now I know I have lost you!).

This tradition started a few years ago when we were hosting Thanksgiving for a huge crowd. I couldn't figure out how to get everyone around our table. So, we came up with this idea of changing the two rooms. Our children loved the idea and so every year now, we make the change. The excitement and traditions start building from there.

Here are the before pictures:

Couch in front of the fireplace

Dining room with table and chairs

View of both living and dining rooms
(Boy, do I need a tri-pod!)

Theses are the after pictures:

View from the entry

The dining room now as the living room.

Living room now as the dining room.

I love having the dining table in front of the fireplace.

Our living room and dining room are one big, long room. For Thanksgiving we set up another table right on the other side of the dining table. This makes one long table and everyone eats all together, kids and all. This arrangement will stay set up this way until after the first of the year. This makes it exciting and now has become a tradition.



If clothing smells smokey, put it out in the fresh air.


  1. Christine,

    What lovely room and such a great tradition! I love the way both rooms work so well either way. You will have to post a photo of your Thanksgiving tables end to end for us to see! Happy thanksgiving.... Dee Dee

  2. I love when you swap the rooms. It feels like the holidays! We can't wait to come over this week and see it. Thanks for all the boxes by the way, we sure did use them.
    Love Kimmy

  3. Kimmy,
    I can't wait for you to move back to your home!

    Ladies, you must go over to Kimmy's blog and see just what fun they are having!

    Love Ya Kimberly!

  4. What a great idea. Your home is so pretty! Have a blessed day!

  5. That's pretty exciting, Christine. Don't you love making traditions like this?


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