Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring....

If it's banana bread, I must being visiting Tacoma!
Saturday morning, I drove down to see our son, who lives in Tacoma.
I always take him homemade banana bread.

This is Todd.
He is our first born and is married to Stephanie.
(Most people call her Steph. I call her Funny because she is so funny. Together it's Steph - Funny.)
Todd is a Biologist and is working on his Masters Degree, plus working full time.
In fact, after I left today, he was going to take a huge test for one of his three classes that he is taking (online).
Steph was out camping this weekend with some girlfriends.

The first day of Spring, and we planted a variety of vegetables, in starter pots.
We also cleaned and prepared their vegetable garden.
Todd and I spent the morning enjoying the wonderful sunshine.
We talked and worked, talked and worked.
Todd & Stephanie expanded their garden to the parking strip.
They are the envy of their neighborhood.
Ahhh... looking good!
So long.... Todd (and dogs!)
I had a great time.
This was the best way to start Spring.
Now go and take that test and make me proud!

Weed when the sun is on its way up. Prune when there is no drying wind.


  1. What a wonderful mother you are!! And banana bread. Looks good.

  2. Ohhh the banana bread yummy!

  3. What a beautiful loaf of banana bread-AND what a great mom you are! Very good job on the planting. Looks great.

  4. I think you should share your banana bread recipe that Todd loves so much. I am curious if passers by ever help themselves to those vegetables?

  5. Mary,
    I asked Todd if anyone helped themselves to their vegtables. He said they have so much that they really didn't care. But there hasn't been any problems with vandalism.

    **OK, I will share our family recipe for banana bread soon!


  6. Looks like you both had fun. What a handsome brother I have!

  7. Christine, you are such a wonderful mom! And, your son, Todd is as handsome as his mom is beautiful. I love their neighborhood and the fact that they have this garden. I'd say there is not much more quality time than that spent with a loved one working in the dirt. The seeds planted are far more than for plants.

  8. First of all, I'm sooo jealous that you guys live in the Pacific Northwest! It's so pretty there!

    That banana bread looks yummy! How nice of you to take it to your son.

    Pretty neat that they've extended their garden out to the street. Do people end up taking things from their garden?

  9. Its a great neighborhood and people are respectfull of our garden. I fully support anyone who need a vegitable or 6 to help themselves. My wife and I are trying ot start a communtiy garden which utilizes the spaces between the road and the sidewalk. My vision is to have whole blocks growing and sharing food together. In the meantime, if I am missing a few items, they probably needed it more then I did. Cheers!

  10. Special times with our children of any age are so fun!!!

  11. Christine,
    I am so glad you had such a nice visit!
    Love the garden, we planted tomatoes last summer and enjoyed those enough to do so again!
    Life has been busy this weekend and I'm just sitting down on Sunday at 10:00 to say Hi!
    Dee Dee

  12. Todd and Stephanie's generosity is refreshing. What a blessing they must be to the neighborhood.

  13. i like your banana loaf. i wonder how your bananas taste there.

    jake m

  14. Your banana bread looks FAB! Hope Todd aced his test. :) I wonder how often someone will walk by and help him/herself to the veggies in his garden. :) He has such a great attitude ! I guess if we really thought about the fact that "the earth is the Lord's and everything in it!" we'd all be a bit more generous don't ya think? Thanks for sharing your week-end!!

  15. THere is nothing better than one on one time with our married children.
    I always treasure that time so much!!

  16. I love that they are using their space like that. Your boy is a doll, by the way!

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